Same outfit for groom & best man?

No one is having matching outfits/suits at all, we bought h2b's suit as a future investment and we found some ties which were on offer if you bought two. So we bought two as we thought someone else could wear it.

Now I'm not sure. BM & h2b have the same double rose buttonhole (I've made them), whereas everyone else has singles, so if they wear the same tie too will they look the same? I know everyone will know who Tim is because he'll be the one getting married but I do have some very forgetful elderly relatives and I don't want to cause any awkwardness with the BM.

So. Do we give the other tie to a dad? or just keep it in case Tim spills something down him? image Or make something out of it?

I know it's a bit Bridezilla-y but I don't care image


  • No they shouldn't wear the same outfit.Let your husband stand out.Thanks a lot
  • I think if they have a different suit then it should be ok, could you slightly modify the buttonholes so they are just a teeny bit different or something? All of the men in our wedding party are wearing the same suit but my h2b is having a different coloured cravat and buttonhole to stand out, boring I know but I like things to be the same lol x
  • Thank you jimsgirlalways!

    That's my issue, we can't afford to hire suits so they'll all wear whatever they turn up in but I would want them to all have the same but different for the groom.

    I might split up the double rose one so another bloke can have one so best man has a different buttonhole I think is the best way of doing it.
  • What about adding a bit of sparkle or a feather to it? what are your colours? I would have liked to have had kilts for the men tbh but it was working out far too expensive and mil2b threw a strop because she didnt want her grandson in green tartan so we decided just to go for suits and Im glad we did now as they look very smart. Ours are working out about £65 each which I thought wasnt too bad considering what some of them were asking!
  • Colour scheme is a variation of purple. The ties are silver, dark purple and lavender gingham, the flowers are ivory. Could possibly add purple feathers...I've got it! We're having lavender on our tables, so I'll add lavender to h2b's. Sorted! Thank you!!!!
  • You're very welcome chick glad to have given you some inspiration image

  • We had matching suits for my Dad, husband and Best Man and my hubby kept on muttering about them looking like the Backstreet boys... image
  • Awww bless! I think I do quite like everyone matching and it would be easier but I can't be bothered to sort it out if I'm honest and h2b won't =p
  • None of our wedding party will remotely match.. h2b is wearing a hired dark grey suit with tails etc, one best man is wearing black suit, the other dark brown and my stepdad a cream linen suit! We have got the best men and my stepdad gold ties, but h2b is wearing a completely different gold coloured cravet!

    I think its nice for the groom to stand out tho.
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