My Boudoir - Nicola Grimshaw Mitchell review

I had a photo shoot with Nicola on Monday and just got my photo's to review online today and I'm blown away. I look one million times better than I do normally, very burlesque! But also got some lovely classy photo's of me looking very bridal but gorgeous in my wedding lingerie and my lace bolero. I didn't think I'd be able to do the naked shots either but I felt so at ease and relaxed that I just did and now i'm glad I did cos I think the "American Beauty" one is my favourite! I've actually saved it as my avatar as it's quite tiny I don't think the OH would be able to recognise it's me and I look very different in "real life" am a size 18/20 and am just blown away by it all. I must have replayed the gallery 50 times today alone!

I did the shoot as a present for my h2b and opted for the classic package, but then upgraded to have a few more shots and I'm glad I did, they are all gorgeous in different ways. I've opted for the CD package for budgetry reasons plus I want to make it extra personal. My plan is to make my own leather bound album and give it to h2b as I'm quite arts and crafty, plus pennies are a bit tight,although the albums Nicola has are gorgeous.

So for anyone who is umming or ahhing about booking. Go for it. Nicola is very welcoming and immidiately puts you at ease (gorgeous dog too!). Her house is warm and cosy, easy to find and it's just a great day all round really. I had a brilliant day and now i've got the gorgeous pics to remember it by plus all the gorgeous lingerie that I bought.

If anyone would like to give my name when they book then we both receive a free 7 x 5 " photo of our choosing from our shoots. My shoot was 7th November 2011 and my name is Siobhan!


  • Awww sounds like you had a fabulous time! I would loved to have been able to have a shoot with her but its just to far for me! Congrats tho Im sure your h2b will love them
  • I have been thinking about this for a while now after 2 fab reviews on here over the past couple of weeks I will definetly be booking for a shoot! Just need to wait til the end of the month for pay day image xx
  • wow, from your small pic you look fab!!! i have booked for January, I'm so excited i can't wait!! xxx
  • I really love her photographs, so stunning.

    It's like a 3.5/4 hour drive each way for me!!

    Glad you enjoyed it.. from you profile pic, you look stunning
  • wow, that pic looks mega cute! I was a size 16 when i went for my shoot to Nicola ( too and she's just ace isnt she? x x x
  • I would second this. Nicola is amazing. In fact, I've got greedy and booked in for another next year!
  • Oh I would LOVE to have this done as a surprise, and live in Manchester, but I just couldn't afford it! I know it looks amazing, but it's just so expensive even for the basic Packages image x

    You look great by the way image
  • Quoted:
    I would second this. Nicola is amazing. In fact, I've got greedy and booked in for another next year!

    wow magentadaze have you really? gosh I really want to go again too but wodnered whether I was being dead vain!!! Its so addictive seeing yourself looking so amazing!!

    rebeccaLMil - she's so worth it, know its a bit pricey but some of the cheaper boudoir photographers arent actually that much cheaper but are so not as good as Nicola.
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