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boudoir...larger ladies

woohoo!! I have booked my boudoir shoot with Nicola excited!! Can't wait! my onl worry is i'm very wobbly and flabby!!! i have recently lost 3 stone and have about 2 or 3 to go! I'm now a size 16...will i still get good pics!! xxx


  • YES!! Without a doubt you will look fabulous!!! Im a 14/16 and my shoot was amazing!! She is the most lovely lady and very very clever!! Just follow her advice on what you should buy to take! xx If you want i'll pm you the link to my pics to put your mind at rest xx
  • i think i have the that what she sends when you have paid the deposit? i just can't believe i could ever look as those ladies on the pics!! it will be worth every penny if i do

  • I wasn't massively explicit there.. i meant the links to my pics x
  • oh yes please if you dont mind!! thank you! xxx
  • I'm a size 16 and I think I looked hot in my boudoir shoot. Not only that but the hottest boudoir shots I've EVER seen are of a girl who's at least a size 16.

    Check me and her out on the photographer's website. I'm Ms R!
  • Thank you both for sharing!! you both look amazing!! im very excited now xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Just saw your post and had to reply. I was a size 24 and now I'm a 14. I had my shoot with Nicola at the end of August and I want to show the world! Nicola is brilliant and knows exactly how to make you look amazing. Please don't be worried!

    Also I can now actually see how much weight I've lost.

    Enjoy it

    Edited for terrible spelling
  • go for it! Nicola's just ace, I went to My Boudoir last year and was the best money ever spent! Also I was a size 16 and she really does work wonders, without drastically altering me I managed to look at least a size smaller, she's great at posing you to make you look less wobbly!!!
  • Oh Fabulous thank you all!!! Think i will be more excited to see the pics than my h2b!! xxx
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