Which watch help needed !

hi all !

I would like to get my h2b a pocket watch but have no clue as to what is a good make or where to get one ! I'd like it to have space for a picture so I can put a pic of his late mother inside and he will have her with him all day.

I have about £300 to spend is this enough for a decent one ? And where is best to get one

Thanks In advance


  • Just incase someone in the future asks this question !

    I have managed to locate a great site for pocket watches although it appears they don't make any that have specific space for a photo never mind a bit of smirf po0 (that's blue tac) should do the trick for the day.

    They have a great range of pocket watches for all budgets and you get free engraving and delivery !

    The company is Harrisons and Simmonds www.h-s.co.uk
  • Thanks I was too looking for pocket watch.
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