Groom's Gift... stuck for ideas

Hi everyone,

I have completely run out of ideas for gifts for my hubby to be to open on the morning of our wedding. I am hoping you will be able to give me some inspiration.

So far I have...

Letter (not written yet)

His favourite shower gel


A baby grow - to represent our future, with a picture of a Ford Focus on the front (his other baby)

Socks - for cold feet?

... now I am stuck... Has anyone else got anything planned? xx


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    For grooms gift ideas you might like to take a look at:
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    what about a wee pamper pack - as a treat my hubby to be likes the clinique for men range, his favourite aftershave, cigars for him and the ushers?

    i was thinking of looking for a company to deliver breakfast for him and the boys who are staying at our place the night before? Or a car to pick them up to take them to the ceremony?

    oh or a mix tape? hubby to be does a this with his friends - Prince volumes - every time they go a roadtrip they have to make a mix CD but it has to have a Prince song on it. pick your favourite band together and you can make volume 1 for the wedding day to give him and volume 2 and 3 etc can follow on your anniversary?
  • Im going for the same sort of stuff as you and maybe a watch (so hes not lateimage and maybe a mini bottle of booze!
  • I've bought my H2B some locket cufflinks and put a picture of his mum and a picture of them together inside them. She died earlier this year, so wanted him to be close to her on the day. I got the idea from don't tell the bride but obviously that was the other way round where the groom gave the bride a necklace.

    I'm going to give them to him a few days before tho
  • I'm going to get h2b some aftershave (will let him pick) then put it in a large gift box with tissues, "so you dont get cold feet" personalised socks and calvin klein boxers, cufflinks with the wedding date engraved, some snacks (he's always eating and we're not getting married until 2pm), a giant cookie from millies with "See you at 2pm" written on it.

    I'm also going to finish off a scrapbook we started making when we first got together with pictures and souveniers from throughout our relationship. We keep saying we're going to update it but don't get round to it. I don't think it's been updated for around 2 1/2 to 3 years so theres a lot to put in. He won't be expecting it but i know it will mean a lot to him.

    I'm also going to get him a card and just write a bit in it about how much i'm looking forward to marrying him and why. Soppy i know lol.

  • I would give you a suggestion to gift a watch.
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