Father of the Bride gift

I know it's not really traditional to get a gift for my dad and couples usually just buy a bunch of flowers for the MoB and MoG but i'd like to get something for my dad too.

We're planning on booking a week in Greece for my parents to thank them for all of their help and financial support but we won't be able to afford this until a while after the wedding.

I'm going to get my mum and h2b mum some flowers to present during the speeches but would like some ideas as to what to get my dad??

Is anyone else doing this? What are you getting? xx


  • We've got a Tshirt from Etsy that says "Father of the Bride" and has a barcode underneath with "Broke" instead of a code. It was pretty cheap, and although it won't be to everyone's taste (including mine!), my dad will think it's hilarious.

    We are also going to get my folks a weekend away in a nice hotel to say thanks for all their help, but like you, won't be able to afford this for a while so wanted something they could unwrap on the day.

    Hope that helps? X
  • I got my dad some "father of the bride" socks to wear on the day, alone with an engraved whisky tumbler - they were relatively inexpensive, think they were from Confetti.co.uk x
  • I am getting my dad an engraved hipflask and a bottle of gin - as he will be more nervous walking down the aisle than me, so will need some dutch courage!
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    A holiday!! What a fab idea!!! Ive been racking my brains at what to get them but this is a fantastic idea!!!! Thank you!!
  • I got my dad an engraved glass tankard, its lovely and was very reasonable. I think i got it from Ebay!

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