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Sorry for the repost, but hoping for some responses image


Hi everyone

It's been a while since I have been on here, as I got married last June Now it's my friend's turn and she is struggling to write her wedding vows. I'm not much help - I found mine difficult to write so I'm useless helping her!!!

Is anyone able to recommend a professional wedding vow writer??? She has found this website online, but she likes to go with personal referrals and is struggling to find anyone who can suggest a good writer from their own experience.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks everyone xx


  • Can't help I'm afraid but maybe try a more relevant thread, you might get some more responses. You're currently in 'For the groom'!
  • MissTuscanyMissTuscany Posts: 352
    Yeah my logic being maybe some brides to be have sought help for their hubbys re: vows/speech writing!! hehe x
  • Ah yes maybe! Have you googled it at all? I find that really old threads come up from this forum which I have found quite useful. x
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