Can't decide between colours

Hi there , I'm struggling with my h2bs suit colour . Can't decide between black or slate grey and when I asked my beloved what colour he preferred , he said " they both look the same to him " that really helped lol image


  • SheraleighdSheraleighd Posts: 1,336
    What's your overall colour scheme?

  • Kchristie3Kchristie3 Posts: 248
    Hi m it's Cadburys purple , cream and silver . H2b is having a morning suit, not sure if the link worked, with cream waitscoat and purple tie x
  • I think slate grey would look really good with your colour scheme, grey looks stunning with purple, silver and ivory. Plus it's a bit less harsh to wear than black and seems to flatter men's skin tones more image x
  • mhaslbmhaslb Posts: 48
    I agree with fox above, grey would look lovely with your colours image
  • Kchristie3Kchristie3 Posts: 248
    Thanks guys , I've been to shop today and booked the grey suits image
  • Im having Cadbury purple too and we are going for the slate grey suits also image
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