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NGM Boudoir Shoot w/ Pics!

I went on Friday for my shoot with Nicola and had my pics on Saturday morning! Mainly because I get married in 13 days...!!! Nicola was lovely as was the make up lady Sarah - I would highly recommend them!! It was worth the trip from London and Gary who picked me up at the station was also lovely - the whole day was great! I went for the petite package but added on two extra pics that were taken as by that stage just thought why not! I had a real motley selection of undies so if you don't have any don't worry as Nicola has a great selection.

If you mention my name we both get a free print so feel free to mention me!!! image

Pics can be seen below:


Username lyndadavis

Password 040512


  • They are stunning!!

    NG-S posted these photos on her facebook page the other day, they so just lush, you sexy mama!

    One lucky H2B! He'll love them
  • MRMRS2014MRMRS2014 Posts: 1,279
    They are stunning!!

    NG-S posted these photos on her facebook page the other day, they so just lush, you sexy mama!

    One lucky H2B! He'll love them

    I second that!!!image

    Definitely considering the trip to them, their pics are the best ive seen! image x
  • beesbees Posts: 835
    Wow. You look absolutely amazing.
  • Chloe_B2013Chloe_B2013 Posts: 512
    You look gorgeous! image

    The more I see her photos and all the lovely recommendations for NGM, the more I want to book with her! I originally looked at another company but I think she definitely seems the way to go! x
  • lyndadavis3lyndadavis3 Posts: 537
    That's quite funny! I said it was fine for Nicola to put on the net but was looking on her actual site not the facebook page! Thanks for letting me know!

    Ladies believe me its worth it - look at my minging before pic on the facebook page...the make up and hair lady Sarah worked wonders then Nicola and her magic airbrush did the rest!

    Be under no impression that I look anything like that - hence why I totally recommend NGM!

    I am pretty convinced that no matter how you feel about how you look normally - you'll feel a whole lot better after a session here image

    In fact the worst bit was the journey from London with no make up and non straightened hair!

    Do it ladies image
  • I'm booked in for July 9th can't wait!!

    I'm from Watford, so similar drive

    How did you travel to her?
  • Gabi_luGabi_lu Posts: 284
    I cannot wait! Everytime I see a new gallery I get really excited image I'm booked in for June 5th image so not long now image just hope I can shift the cold I have at the moment by then. image
  • woweeee lynda these are stunnniingggggg!!!! I want your hair!! In fact I want to be you - can we swap!!! I LOVE the shot with the gun, wow thats fantastic, and the union jack pic too - you look so pretty! Nicola is DEF worth the travel IMO, she's totally the best and a true miracle worker!
  • lyndadavis3lyndadavis3 Posts: 537
    Clare - I got the train to Piccadilly and use the pick up service. I can drive but haven't driven since moving to London over 3 years ago...oops!! The bit near Nicola's house is pretty hilly / narrow too so glad I left the driving to someone else - but that's just me being rubbish at driving!!! I think most normal people would be fine driving image You'll love it! image

    Gabi_lu - even if you still have a cold I don't think it would matter - Nicola can airbrush your red nose away!! (She managed to get rid of many of my not so good bits!)

    LouLou - haha - as I said - these look nothing like me really so if you want to swap the real me then I would be more than happy as currently sat in some tartan pyjamas and chipped nail varnish from that day! As for the hair...don't even start me on what my hair currently looks like! But the pics make a nice illusion image

    Airbrushing is my new best friend! image
  • MrsS2be2012MrsS2be2012 Posts: 208
    Oooh stunning pictures! I went ot NGM last week excited to see my pictures, I keep checking my emails constantly image

  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580
    Stunning photos you looked gorgous hubbys gonna love them Xxx
  • lyndadavis3lyndadavis3 Posts: 537
    Ta Spond...but part of me does worry that he might get a bit too attached to the me in the pics and not the reality image

    Although I suppose he's been looking at my ugly mug for 8 years already so hopefully there's hopeimage
  • WOW! Lynda, your pics are stunning!

    I have mine booked for 6 July, also driving up from London - eek. Can't wait now!!

  • lyndadavis3lyndadavis3 Posts: 537
    Londonbride - it's a surreal experience as I got my make up done and they really cake it on so when I looked in the mirror I almost had to sit down again - but totally trusted them image

    They (being Nicola and make up lady Sarah) are so lovely and friendly it made me want to move back up north!! image

    Not to mention they seem to make ANYONE who graces their door look wonderful!! It's a cost that didn't really seem to register in my brain as it was so worth it! image
  • charlieleyacharlieleya Posts: 614
    Absolutely stunning! That first pic is my fave you look like Rose McGowan, very gorgeous!
  • lizzy_cornishlizzy_cornish Posts: 194
    Amazing you must be very pleased! xx
  • Its been awhile sorry for being gone for like 8 months.

    but this year i have been extremly busy and now i finally got time for gaming agian..

    for the rest of the year atleast. its Vicodin. lol remember me minty? how you been?

    do i have to re apply and ect? let me know man thanks.. good to be back on the site. i missed you guys!


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  • WOW


    they are lovely x
  • marciahaganmarciahagan Posts: 242
    Wow, they are really amazing!

    I am booked in a week today and driving all the way form glasgow, with no makeup or straightners! At least I will look really glam on the drive back home!

    I have been mega stressed with uni and did my final exam yesterday, but have not bought a thing for it! Your outfits were gorgeous, where did you get them? I have no idea what to buy or where to buy it - never worn suspenders, corset or anything like that before!

    So looking forward to it - the other half thinks I am away to Manchester to pick him up a cat as his wedding present - wait til he sees what it actually is!
  • lyndadavis3lyndadavis3 Posts: 537
    Thanks all again! She's a miracle worker image

    Marcia - my outfits were nearly all Nicolas! I had one black basque type top and a pair of black nicks and she had the rest! I wouldn't worry too much about the outfits!

    Eek weddings tomorrow...need to get up....LOADS still to do! image
  • JP2BEJP2BE Posts: 262
    You look stunning!
  • MrsKJHMrsKJH Posts: 132
    Wow your pictures are amazing!

    Im booked in to have mine on Monday 25th June, so excited but nervous too! Im driving up there from Essex.

    Im panicing because I haven't bought my underwear yet! Well tell a lie I bought 1 corset and stockings from Figleaves and a second one I ordered I sent back because it was horrible.

    I really want a black silk corset, has anyone got any ideas where to get these from that aren't too pricey?

    Has Nicola got loads of bits you can wear too?

  • SlimmlauraSlimmlaura Posts: 8
    I'm flying over from Guernsey tomorrow with my shoot with Nicola on Monday!! I am soooo nervous, but everyone seems to say it is a fantastic experience so I'm trying to calm down!!

    Is she still doing the free photo for mentioning someone else? If so, I can do that on Monday if someone wants to give me their name?

    Everyone's pics from NGM are so amazing, I can't wait to see what she can transform me into!
  • Hey ladies, amazing photos, I can see why you're all doing it!

    I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on which package is best to go for?

  • hiya picky - I had a package with 12 pics but tbh they're all good as they include a make-over. if you want a package with an album included then this might help you decide?

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