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I had my boudoir shoot at Mirror Image in Tunbridge Wells!!

And it was such a fantastic experience! Im so excited to see the pictures now!! Its an all woman team and i had an idea of how far i wanted to go but in the end i was made to feel so comfortable, i ended up doing a classy nude pose! I would really reccommend this studio for brides in the south east who can quite get up to north for a boudoir shoot. They do your makeup all for you. Im a curveous size 14 and i felt amazing! I thought i was going to feel fat and lumpy!

Show you some pics when i get them! xx


  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580
    that's great look forward to seeing your photos. I can't make it up north it's just too far to go so I'm going to have one done in Nottingham xx
  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580
    what on earth does that mean ?????? imageimage
  • KatieJo2013KatieJo2013 Posts: 102
    Are you getting married in Tunbridge Wells? coz I am!! x
  • Roast0938Roast0938 Posts: 104
    That random post was a spammer. Where in tunbridge wells did you have it done, what's the name of the place? Cos I really want it done, but am struggling to get up north!
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    would love to see the pics as tunbridge wells is much closer to me than manchester so might go there! xxx
  • rlquinnellrlquinnell Posts: 96
    Heya I ll try and put my shots up that were done but i was more then pleased with them! you can google their website mirror image boudoir which has a gallery. Is on camden road in central tunbridge wells and theres a carpark about 200m for the studio which cost me £2 to park so quite reasonable! The photographer is fabulous though! Highly recommend if you cant get up north. xxx
  • CrowLadyCrowLady Posts: 151
    Are you getting married in Tunbridge Wells? coz I am!! x

    Me too!

    Could you tell me where in Tunny wells and prices please?? x
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