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My NGM Boudoir shoot - Gallery is here!!!!

I drove all the way down from Glasgow last week to have this done - after a recommendation on here, and a girl showing her pictures.

I would never have done this otherwise!!!!

I had to take all my make-up, and hair extensions off on the way home, so my husband to be wouldn't notice - and I did this in the car at a service station, only to look up and see the guy changing the bins staring at me! God knows what he must have thought I was doing! But it made me laugh!

Anyway, here is everything you need to have a look - and if you book, use my name, as we both get a free pic! Been dying to show these off, love love love them!!!!

Your username is marciahagan

and your password is 240512


  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    They look fab! You must be v happy with them! x
  • OMG i LOVE these! your hair is so fab, cant believe they are extentions!!! love the shiny one with the sequins too, where did you get that from?
  • Cals78Cals78 Posts: 182
    I'm soooo gutted I can't see them as only have IPad grrrrr
  • Love the photos, makes me wanna do something like this. image
  • absolutley stunning!
  • marciahaganmarciahagan Posts: 242
    Thanks everyone, I absolutely loved doing it, and wasn't nervous at all, really enjoyed the day!

    michelledavies2000 - go for it, I seen someone elses and thought the same, and now here I am!!!

    LouLouLeonards - my hair is pretty long, but my extensions (which are only clip ins) are amazing quality. Sarah the hair and make-up lady kept saying how amazing they were to. I truly love my extensions! And the top is one of Nicola's collections. I have the crystal shoes I am wearing for my wedding day, and so she said she had just the thing to go with it - so I would be all twinkly!! And I love it!!

    I honestly cannot recommend this enough! Just wrote Nicola a huge email of thanks - I am going to be on her site with a part of my email too! If you see me, please remember my before pic I have no make-up and hair was to be natural and un-staightened - and I had driven for 5 hours in 30 degree heat (something we are not used to in Scotland - especially when you discover the car you were driving had air conditioning at the service station on the way back home!)
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    your face is so striking! beautiful!

    think your man will go like image
  • Lovely photos xx
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