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when should I book Boudior shoot?

I am a size 28(uber fatty) at the moment but having surgery this year, (gastric sleeve) so I'm thinking I should be about a size 14 about jan 2014, Is it worth me trying to sercure a date with NGM now or wating untill closer to the time?

I feel silly booking something so beautiful whilst Im so ugly! image


  • Jog_OnJog_On Posts: 90
    Hey don't be so hard on yourself - if you think the boudoir shoot will be motivation to lose weight then I would suggest booking now.
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    book it now if you have your goals to help aim towards but remember that your man proposed to the person you are now in whatever shape and size you are not what you could be. love every part of you as much as he does!
  • Book it now.. it can be a goal for you to reach! image
  • marciahaganmarciahagan Posts: 242
    Contact Nicola and speak to her - she is so lovely, just explain what you have said here.

    I booked mine a few months in advance but left it quite late as I was also loosing weight, just done mine and now just choosing what pic goes on the front for my wedding in 4 weeks!

    It is such a good day - I guarantee you will have a fab time no matter what shape, size, or what you wear (or not - hehe!). The hair and Make-up you get done make you look like a model, and then Nicola knows what shoots make the most of what you have - all with fantastic lighting!!

    Defo go for it - it will be the best thing you ever do!!
  • Aww thanks gals!

    Yes I think it definatly will motivate me, Im going to leave it another few weeks as I'm off on holibobs and then give her a call!
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