My NGM photo shoot

As I'm a teacher I am unable to post the link to my gallery, however I will post a picture from the shoot to give a glimpse as I have spent so many hours looking at Nicola's blog and the galleries other brides have posted and I am disappointed I am unable to return the favour.

Thank you to all you wonderful brides who have shared your photos with me as I know I could never have done it without seeing your beautiful images.

My mum also had a shoot and she will be featured in the blog soon. Her photos are fabulous.

You can see a glimpse of my brace in the photo but I don't feel it is too obvious


  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536
    You look lovely

    Steph xx
  • oooo you look stunning!!!!! I love your make-up! Its very silver screen' isnt it? like an old time movie star, just fabulous and its lovely that you want to share it, I also booked Nicola after reading about everyones stories on here. x
  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211
    Really lovely! Wouldn't have spotted the braces at all if you hadn't said. Can't get over how much business NGM gets from here haha amazing!!
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