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Do you do anything for the groom on his stag do?

For my hen do, but groom put together a beautiful video message and lots of champagne and chocs. But traditionally i dont think you really do anything for the groom on his stag do you? Any ideas? He's said he doesnt want anything as doesnt like the attention. x


  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756
    Aww thats really sweet of him! All mine is doing is winding me up at the moment as I dont know who or what is going to happen!

    I wouldnt say that its traditional for the bride to do anything for the groom, I wont be helping out with my H2Bs stag thats for sure!
  • shellbo8758shellbo8758 Posts: 108
    Hi Girls, im pondering this too as my groom helped to a really fun quiz for me but im not sure what i can do for him!?

    He's going to york races so I just dont know what 'surprise' I can get? Any ideas???
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    Lap danceimage

    At least you'd know he wasn't watching another girl on his knee Hehe
  • shellbo8758shellbo8758 Posts: 108
    hehe, I Know! I might just buy him a new shirt to wear. image
  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161
    I'm putting bacon and full fat coca cola in the fridge for the next day and leaving for the weekend!
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