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Boudoir shoots

I am based in the North West near Manchester and have been looking at having a boudoir shoot for my h2b, however I am shocked at the price of them. Does anyone know anywhere which doesn't charge the earth??


  • hiya! The good ones do charge more but then again they are fabby!!! Nicola at is the best IMO but she has shoots starting from £250 so fairly affordable? Have a look at Groupon maybe? Although personally as I was only planning on doing this once (too scary!!) I wanted to make sure i'd get flattering glam photos and didnt want to leave it to chance with an amateur. Nicola is DEF worth every single penny, and lots of girls on here will agree!
  • ok thanks I will have a look image
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    Photography is expensive im afraid. i wouldn't trust somewhere that was cheap as i wouldn't feel safe and i have done work for photographers before and there are some dodgy ones out there
  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161
    keep your eye on groupon/living social!

    I got mine from there in the Sheffield area but have seem them advertised in loads of other places too.
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