Apparently one of my duties (Apart from having to say "i do", sorry, I meant wanting to say "i do") is to arrange our honeymoon - now, my b2b wants to go somewhere hot and sunny, whereas I personally hate the sun and would rather go somewhere where there are things to do.

Any ideas on a compromise where it isnt too hot, but is sunny?

Oh, and it has to be child friendly too, as our 10 yr old son will most likely be joining us at some point (Yes, we intend to have some time to ourselves)



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    think you should go with the somewhere sunny for your b2b

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    I think my b2b might not be getting a honeymoon at all with comments like that image
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    bit harsh!
  • Hello mate,

    What time of year are you getting married?

    As long as it's not bang in the middle of Summer, take a look at Malta! Went there a few years ago, plenty of beaches for when your littl'un turns up, plenty of sun all year round, but summer too hot! and loads to do! Try this list for size;

    Boat trip round the blue lagoon, well worth it,

    Caves to visit,

    Archaeology dating back 6000 years!

    The churches, even if your not religious will leave you in awe,

    and a trip round the capital Valetta is well worth it. If you get to Valetta go down to the harbour, but don't get a tour boat! Find a local fisherman and haggle a price from him for a trip round the bay. The Maltese are super friendly people, most speak pretty good English, I even steered the boat while he pointed out all the places of interest.

    Other good trip to take is accross to Sicily and up Mount Etna, it's a long day on a coach but well worth it! You only get to go half way up the volcano, but get to go into an old crater. You can go to the top but the price gets rude, and depends on how much activity Etna has going on. All the usual windsurfing, sailing etc also at hand.

    Now for the even better bit, car hire is one of the cheapest in the med, they drive of the proper side of the road, and beer comes in pints!

    Hope this helps!

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    as Takers b2b gonna put a reply here!!

    We're getting married on 4th aug and lovely idea Chilled Out Man but unfortunately I went to Malta for the family holiday from hell when i was a kid and relutant to go back!

    Sicily good though!! - shortlist that Takers!!
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    I don't know - we arent even married yet and she thinks she can reply on my behalf!

    Thanks for the recommendations - I think that sort of area will work for us... Italy would be nice, visit Rome/Venice/Milan - a bit of everything in there... Unfortunately we do get married in early August so will be very hot in the med though...

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    will keep my mouth firmly shut then.....until after the wedding image xxx
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