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stag survival kits

My H2b and his mates are going on his stag do to Estonia in 2 weeks, and i want to make them up little goody bags!

It's just a bit of fun, and definitely not necessary but i'd like to do it nonetheless!

I'm just wondering what to put in them, any ideas?

They all have partners so no condoms etc!!! imageimage

I have bought them all a mini Estonia liquor and was thinking about paracetamol,rennies,disposable camera,cards?

What do you think?


  • toni_elouisetoni_elouise Posts: 244
    From a completely practical perspective - how about spare pants/socks/toothbrushes? I know that my fianc???? would almost certainly forget to pack at least one of these! image
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    I had the same idea for when my man goes away for the weekend and was going to write a post too!

    I'm doing one bag just for him but it'll include two bottles of his favourite whiskey for the group. I'm also including nuerofen (spelling?!), red bull shot thing, plasters and a laminated card with the details of the nearest hosptial- a personal joke he'll find funny. He's so accident prone after a few drinks- the night we got engaged he slipped on the bathroom floor and needed 6 stitches in his head! Just trying to work out what else.

    I also thought about one of those plastic ball and chain things that hen's usually get and maybe a t shirt with my face on (if i could find a half decent pic- not sure one exists!) lol

    Like you said, not neccessary but a but of fun image
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