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H2B Christmas present help

Can you help. My h2b and i have decided not to exchange big Christmas gifts this year because of the wedding. I need to get him little bits for a stocking though. I'm really struggling as he doens't want anything. He gets everything he wants usually.

Anyone have any idea? Or having the same issue as me!


  • maybe some jokey stuff, christmas jumper/pants/socks? a small remote control car/helicopter, chocs, ipod/phone accesories, soap on a rope? lol im struggling myself! x

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    Difficult to say as I don't know your H2B but in my H2B's stocking I have put:

    An elastic band powered toy aeroplane, some cheap DVDs, star trek 20Q games (he's a secret trekkie!), some elemis skin care stuff (he needs a beautifying pre-wedding routine too image), some christmas socks and his favourite sweeties.

    Most guys seem to like some kind of toy at Christmas at the remote control helicopters have been a big hit with my H2B, his brother and his step-father in recent Christmasses. Another thing I've bought in the past is some kind of jokey book or one of those IQ puzzle things.

    Hope I've been of some help xx

  • LucyluLucylu Posts: 148

    We get married new years eve, but we are still doing afew christmas prezzies, one of the things iv bought H2b is a pair of  grooms socks with "so you dont get cold feet" on them, Amazon 3.99, its abit of a joke coz he was never really that keen on getting married again (badly scarred from first marriage) Iv also got him a little hip-flask with a miniature bottle of whisky for the day (we are getting married on our own) these are little things you could in-corporate into a christmas stocking. Iv also got him some little miniature toiletries to take with us and a couple of bigger things. Could always add a dvd or cd and his favourite aftershave. Goodluck x

  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    Thank you. Some fabulous ideas. I will defo be looking at those socks!!

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    You can also buy a book called how to be a good husband, I believe it was originally written in Victorian times but I'm getting my H2B one for a bit of tongue in cheek info!

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