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clothing options

We are doing a backyard wedding that is not formal.  I would say cocktail attire for the guests.

The colours are really silver and blue

The girls will be wearing silver

the grooms men will be waring either white shirts and black pants or white shirt and light grey pans

The groom will be wearing a bight blue shirt, and probably a silver tie, no jacket but will b wearing a vest.

option for the groom

a) blue shirt, silver vest, silver tie, light grey pants

b) blue shirt, black pans, silver tie, silver vest

c) blue shirt, black pants, black vest, silver tie

Not sure what is the best.

If the grooms men wear light grey pants should the groom also be in light grey ect?


  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    i think light grey trousers for all of them as i personally think black with silver is  a bit more formal x

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