Gift for groom on wedding day...

What have you all bought your grooms as a present on the day! This sounds awful but I really can't afford to be spending much! image we still have 6k to save for the wedding and its in 5 months. I'd love to buy h2b a tag heur watch but don't know whether to get it on finance. They are only 1k which isn't much really but with all the saving we are doing along with paying the mortgage. I don't know if this is possible image do I just get one on finance?! It's 0 % at goldsmiths?! Or can you girls think of something else?! Just I know it would be the perfect gift and he could wear it on the day! What do you all think I should do?! Xx


  • Hi,

    I've heard a few birdes on here talk about a 'groom journal' although i'm not totally sure what it is, i have presumed its a Journal (duh..) where you write memories or moments you have shared together to give to the groom as a gift on your wedding day (i could be totally wrong).

    I have decided to start a journal on the date exactly 1 year before the wedding and write a nice thing each day that he's done, on the run up to the wedding that has made me smile. Big or small i.e 'you called me babe, it made me smile' or 'you bought me flowers today' or 'you let me watch a chick flick' or 'you did the ironing'


    Would you do one of the boudiour shoots? You can get some really cheap, as low at £15 if you look on groupon etc.
    I think as much as the watch is a lovely idea...but 1k is a hell of alot. x

  • I put together a box for him with little treats inside, something for the headache the next morning, chocolate to keep his energy levels up, a little bottle of booze to calm his nerves etc etc...

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    I'm doing the grooms journal, something blue will be blue labels for his suit and my dress, wee bottle of booze and other bits. Not planning on spending more than ??100 MAX!! Xx
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    I did a my boudoir shoot, pricey but completely worth it.  I will never forget his surprise and enjoyment when I gave it to him the day before the wedding (the selfish part of me was not going to miss seeing the look on his face when I gave it to him!!)

    For the morning of the wedding I gave him cufflinks, groom socks and an engraved plectrum for his guitar xx

  • Hi All,

    A gifting idea would be a mixture of class and style. I would recommend Siyaram's, Men's Suiting and Shirtings for the groom.

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    Hope this would help,

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  • I have got the groom's journal off ohsocherished and it is lovely. I also had a photoshoot with our old wedding photographer (he had to cancel last month) as I didn't feel comfortable on having a boudoir shoot and spending all of that money. If you look on my planning thread you can see pictures of what I have bought him x

  • Hi, I don't know where you live, but there's a Tag Heuer shop at Bicester Village in Oxford. I doubt they're a LOT cheaper, but might be worth a look if you've got your heart set on getting a watch? Or if there's a McArthur Glen near you, some of those have Tag outlets too.

    I don't know what I'm going to get as a gift yet! Many years ago I promised my OH that if we ever got married I'd buy him a Tag - probably shot myself in the foot there!!


  • I am also in the same boat,

    I am torn between cuff links for my hubby to be or perhaps buying him a suit.. i dont know.. and then theres the grooms men aswell.

    I dont really know what to go for, etsy has some awesome cuff links, like with initials or your wedding date can go on them, but I dont know.Would be nice to give the groom something different to the groomsmen so I dont know!


    Good luck!

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    I'm putting together a box of things he likes, booze, choccies etc. Going to get some socks so he doesn't get cold feet...ha! Mints, headache tablets, going to get a how to be a good husband book. H2B is a chef and we have to watch all the cheffy programs I have managed to get four top chefs off the telly to write him a good luck card each. I know this will really make his day.....apart from marrying me of course image

  • Welshgrace do you mind me asking where you got the engraved plectrum? We are looking for one for our best man image
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    Crumbs MrsKG - if you can't afford it, don't buy it! A thousand pounds? That is one pricey gift, especially if you are struggling to get the cash together to pay your wedding bills.

    We said we would not buy each other anything - we are giving each other our whole lives and our hearts and feel that is enough.  We also have a small budget and 6 children between us, so maybe our priorities are different. However, I did buy him a pair of cufflinks from ebay for £5.00 as a little surprise on the morning.

    If you can afford a wonderful expensive gift, then by all means go for it!  I would love to receive something so special on such a special occasion, but if you can't afford it, it may be best to save the idea for your first anniversary?

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    I plan on getting mine comedian tickets. They're usually not too expensive and there's lots of choice out there
  • Personally I would never buy a gift on finance.  I would be really upset to think that my partner had bought me something on finance, and it wouldn't be great to start married life with debt that could have been avoided.

    Personally we're not getting eachother big wedding gifts, will get something special on 1st anniversary.  We're spending so much on the wedding (we're in a similar position to you in terms of money left to save and time to do it!) and having that special day will be like a gift to each other.  I'm going to do a box of lots of little thoughtful gifts rather than one big gesture.  
    If somehow you get a windfall I think the watch is a lovely idea, I have a tag and love it, but I wouldn't put yourself under any additional stress money wise if you don't have to x

  • I got my hubby cufflinks - he didn't own any before so he would have had hired ones from the suit shop otherwise. They cost me £50, which I thought was quite a lot, personally. I had them engraved with the date of the wedding on the back.


    If you really want to get him the watch, could you maybe wait and get it as an anniversay gift? Or.... you can swap Tesco Clubcard vouchers for Goldsmiths, might make it a bit more affordable?

  • im buying a car experience racing day where he can drive ferrari's and astin martin cars which are his favourite. Its about £200 but i have a double points voucher for boots so will buy it in there and get lots of points to use for something else! 

    Its a one off oppoprtunity for him and i know he ll love it!

    Other people i know wrote to his favourite football club and the manager wrote a leeter back and signed it, they framed this at the wedding and displayed it on a table with the presents i think. That is free and a fab idea as the guys i know loved it!

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    I've decided to go with a tag heuer watch image

    I know he will love it! He's totally into his cars so I'm going for the formula one version!

    A car experience day is a good idea however h2b has been on several already so don't want to get him another.

    I've also ordered a signed album by Gabrielle Aplin, means a lot to both of us as its her version of 'power of love' we are having for our first dance. Hopefully he will be surprised by this gift

  • Lovely ideas!

    how did you go about getting the signed album?

  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192
    I ordered it online before they sold out. There was a certain number available at the time, I was just lucky! X
  • DollyBDollyB Posts: 1,755 New bride
    Mrskg which tag did you go for?

    I really really want to buy my other half one but a bit like you, we're still saving! I used to work at a jewellers so I'm considering going in and seeing if they can set me up a payment plan where I can pay off the second half of the balance after the wedding but still have the choice!

  • DollyBDollyB Posts: 1,755 New bride
    Oops sorry, just saw the formula one!! Very good choice! My other half also loves f1, it's the only sport we religiously watch!! Hehe

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647
    I've decided to get mine a tablet he keeps banging on about it!
  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192
    Yeah it's quite a bit of money for it! I'm waiting till nearer the time, my last car payment comes out the bank next week so Il have 350 going across into my other account each month so I should have enough to buy the watch I want just before the wedding. So I won't have to touch our joint account so h2b won't know where the money has gone or what on so it'll be a surprise image x
  • I'm thinking of making my H2B a terrarium as his gift. A little eccentric but I know he would just love it!

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    I'm thinking of getting him these shark cufflinks I saw on Etsy as a wedding present ( We're both zoologists and his thesis is on sharks plus he's generally obsessed with them, I didn't just randomly pick sharksimage 

    They're a bit pricey for cufflinks (about £83) but they're a lot nicer than the ones he has and I think he'd really like them. Had to scrap my first idea of a signed first edition of Jaws, as it's a bit out of my price range (£250+).


  • My amazing groom gave me a sketch of my gown and his tux.  He had my maid of honor set it all up.  We then took it to the reception with us to have on display.  All the women were jealous of my romantic husband.  He used My Dreamlines.  We now give this as wedding gifts and I tell everyone about them.  It is such a lovely piece to have.  

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    One idea which I saw on Pinterest was a keyring engraved with your wedding date - that way he should never forget the anniversary! I think a box of small, thoughtful things can mean just as much as something lavish,

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    I got him a great little frame with a Superman Lego man in it, It says 'From this day on you will be my Husband, but you have always been my Superhero'
    Bought it from a page on Facebook - Minifig Frames or something like that, He loved it

  • I didn't buy one for mine either, Littlemiss2.  I also have no idea when this became a thing.  In fact, after spending what we spent on the wedding, I think my husband would have been a bit unhappy (or at least confused) as to why I would spend money on a gift for him after all the rest we spent.  We have each other, we had a great day, and we have photos of the day framed all over the house, which is kind of like a gift to each other. We didn't buy gifts for anyone else either: we gave them a photo in a frame or a small photo album.

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