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Need ideas for groomsmen & best man gift..

Hi Everybody,

What is a great gift idea for the groomsmen & best man?

I have my heart set on cuff links & hubby to be also likes that idea but I just thought we'd think about it some more & see what other ideas we could come up with...

Its 4 groomsmen & one best man,...

Our wedding style is rustic with an elegant touch... (but this is basically the venue  & styling of venue)

But basically dresses & groomsmen are wearing classsic looks..


Thx ♥



  • Hi there,

    Why dont you gift them siyaram suitings and can go through the various styles on


    Hope this would help,

    Clothing user

  • Hi Lillian,

    Try to find unique gifts for groomsmen. On my wedding last month I gave my groomsmen a custom bobble head doll that looks like their face. They we're surprised when they saw it and they really love it. There are lots of groomsmen gifts that you can see online and I'm sure that you can get the best. Try to check this Best Groomsmen Gifts Ever. I also hope that this would help you.


  • FaernieFaernie Posts: 27

    We got personalised Swiss Army knives for all the guys.  We'd originally thought about the engraved tumbler with whiskey idea, but some of them had had one or more of these before.  We then considered an engraved pocket watch to go with our vintage theme, but when we found the pocket knives, we knew this was something that would be useful and a good reminder of the day.  I think we used  Good luck!

  • RatThings2RatThings2 Posts: 676

    We are giving tie clips which are kind of personal to them - the boyfriend is having one with a camera lens on, and one of the ushers is getting a cycle one. Then we are going to get them a bottle of something lovely from Demijohns, which will have a personal message on.

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682

    RatThings2, I'd never heard of DemiJohns, it's fab! I think I might bankrupt myself though image

  • RatThings2RatThings2 Posts: 676

    We tried them out when we went to York the other week, and we got three 100ml bottles - we used whisky, sloe gin liquer, and a blackberry gin liquer which was aroun £7-8 each. We didnt think it was too bad, we need 5 of them, and considering all the goodies the bridesmaids are getting, we are going to go for it.


    They write whatever you want on the bottles, and they are beautifully gift wrapped too.

  • PedroPedro Posts: 8

    If I had my time again, I would buy matching cufflinks for the best man and groomsmen, and as a special touch, also for the fathers of the bride and groom.

    There are sites online that sell novelty cufflinks, such as star wars or football teams plus many, many more styles.


  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    My H2B has been a groomsman many times now and everytime he has been given a set of cufflinks. Whilst he wears cufflinks on occasion he already has a special set and very very rarely uses the ones he has been bought. 

    With this in mind we are thinking of getting a wallet for each of the guys with their initials on or something similar. Because you can never give an empty wallet though we are going to put a penny in each one (hopefully minted the year of our wedding if I can get hold of any!) 

  • A good quality ties or cravats and matching cufflinks or hanky with a rustic shades and classic styles would be great as a present for your groomsmen. You could save a lot and wowed them at the same time. You can browse and order online for convenient shopping. That would certainly save your time and penniesimage


  • They are a number of gifts that can be suggested for groomsman’s gifts.Like watches,hip flasks,cuff links,wallets,etc.,So,any one of these can be gifted..


    hip flasks

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    i got all the men in our wedding party hip flasks that were engraved i.e. best mand and the date of the wedding, maybe google engraved gifts? personalised shot glasses plus minis? underwear? socks? or u can get a pack of cards with photos on it?

    my hubby loved his stag where they all got flat caps and they try to wear them often now

  • kal2kal2 Posts: 3

    Got a great idea for gifts.  Unique cufflinks handmade . With pretty much anything on . Could be that classic album cover or it could be something that has comedic value .

    Great thing is only £9.99 

    They got Delivered in a nice jewellery box . Came really quick Aswel .



  • It is a problem I think that most brides face! How to buy the men in the wedding party something that they like and is also appropriate. I felt the pressure!  I really like a couple of ideas that I came across recently. It depends on your budget but I got some great ideas from I love the London Sock Company gift sets they have or a limited edition John Lennon Montblanc pen if budget allows! Equally the gin gift set is quite fun also. Hope this helps. Good luck and congratulations brides. :-)

  • MayTMayT Posts: 7

    Thanks for the feedback here. I there are so many options out there for groomsmen gifts - we ended up buying these along with a nice bottle of beer! Haha we figured champagne is wasted on these guys!

    There were a few others we considered through this site but it got too complicated in the end. We did like the decanter sets but too expensive for all 6 of them! Maybe next time I get married : )


  • I got my groom some cufflinks from the football club we support. For groomsmen i ordered these bags off Ebay with their favourite tipple:


    We also got personalised cufflinks for his best friend x



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