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Help! I ordered (and paid for I'd like to add) personalised cuff links for H2B in OCTOBER last year from this company. I still do not have them, and they have replied to one email in this time. Ive sent about 8? I am, STRESSING out. Do I go via PayPal and claim my money back? I can't even get them on the phone because the number goes to an automated recording. That's 5 months ago.... I don't know what to do! Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice? I really don't want to have to cancel my order and order somewhere else, they may not come in time. I'm at a loss image they are from our cats, one paw print of each, and I literally don't think I could take the prints again! They were not happy.... Xxx


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    I would definitely claim money back again... Sounds like a poor company to not even reply!,
  • Only one in feb telling me they had sent me proofs by email in December - which I never received. I asked them to resend and again, I never received and have not heard back since. I can't find anywhere else reasonably priced that does them image xx
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    Disappointing but you may need to rethink the gift. I'm sure h2b will underhand when you explain to him after wedding what you tried to do for him x
  • So just went to PayPal - turns out I'm not covered... It's been more than 45 days. I notice the owner commented on a post on here a few years ago about the same thing! I don't know if there's anyone else I can raise this with (consumer rights etc). If I don't have my money back, nor my cufflinks, do I go. Spend another ??80 with the chance I end up with 2 pairs?!'obvs you would only want one its not like I can sell the other on!!
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    How did you pay for them  - if via credit card you will get a full refund from your credit card company.

    If via debit card you should be are covered for up to £100 - its called charge back scheme.

    hope this helps

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    I would keep hounding them as much as possible until you get your products and an apology. Send them an email every day, and post a written letter. What happens wiht the automated phone line? Could you leave recorded messages as well? If they have FB/Twitter post on there with your complaint, and any other consumer organisations  you can think of. 

    I don't know what your legal rights are, but that might be worth investigating with someone like CItizen's Advice Bureau, perhaps through the small claims court?

    I know it's a hassle but you can't let them get away with ripping you off like this!

  • Thanks girls.

    I paid with debit card so can contact them. The owner has posted on this site defending her company so I've sent her a private mail. It's crazy. I was soooooo excited about these cufflinks image I am at the point of emails every second day. The automated numbers basically tells you to contact them by web page!!!!! X
  • I ordered a double pendant from them on January 7 2103.

    They took £109.25 from me immediately.

    They sent me the moulds and I returned them.

    I've left umpteen voice and email messages and have used their online contact us form.  I still have neither the goods nor a refund.

    Not only a terrible service but the taking of money without exchanging goods is theft and I've reported them to the police and to Paypal.

  • You've reported them to the police? And what did they say about that? x

  • OMG - i've just called their number and now get "im sorry but the number you have dialled is no longer in service" imageimage it was working a few days ago....... oh no..... x

  • If 'Mrs Smaith to be' can e-mail me regaring her order I can look into this. Our telephone line is down at the moment and I am currently in the process of putting information on the website about this.

    Johnny150171, I think I know who you are from the amount quoted in your post. Again if you could get in touch with your details via the contact link on the website, it appears that we have not had the impressions back from you yet, but if you can confirm your details I can then double check.

    I do apologies to both customers, customer service is very important to me, and I will of course do what I can to sort your orders out ASAP.

  • Thanks - I sent you another enquiry on your website today is that enough? Or do I need to email [email protected] and what do u want? Order number is 2951 x
  • SilverImps can you confirm that you have my order details or need me to send another email with everything on it? Thanks.

  • Thank you for the information. The studio is closed until Tuesday, but I will look into your order as son as I return on Tuesday morning.

  • Please update me on Tuesday first thing, I've given you my email address and phone number so I'm easily contactable. Last info I have is that you we're going to send me digital images, but I've never received them (that was start of February). I never received them the first time u sent them in December either.
  • I have received a full refund from Ms Allman at the silver impression company.  She contacted me following my post above and agreed without any problem to refund me my payment, which has now lodged in my account.

  • Hi,

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    Hope this owuld help,



  • I found this post but I'm having the same problem with cufflinks I ordered for fathers day.  For 15 years my husband has waited to get a fathers day present and I was so excited about these with our little babies finger prints.  Still not here and no response to emails or phone calls.  Would be nice if the lady could contact me too image!

  • I received my cufflinks after posting on this thread but I was actually disappointed when i received them. If i could turn back time i definitly would have went with one of the other companies who do this. Its just too much hassle and the end product is no where near the quality i thought it'd be. She said she'd put a "1" and a "2" on the back of the cufflinks as they are 2 different imprints, but that didnthappen. Shock horror, i sent her an email with some feedback on my thoughts of the cufflinks and this just fell on deaf ears. No response. Horrendous customer service.

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