Stag Challenges

Does anyone know of any good (relatively clean) challenges for a stag? We plan to have a game where the stag rolls a dice and then has to complete a challenge based on this dice roll.

All ideas gratefully received!!!!!


  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    he's the 1's out of h2b's stag kit....

    * grope 6 bottoms at the bar (could set time limit)

    * collect a pair of womens underwear

    * kiss the uglist woman in room (choosen by group)

    * kiss the best looking girl in room (chooesn by u)

    * stand on a chair and tell a rude joke

    * aquire a policemans helmit

    * plant a kiss under a girls hairpiece

    * find a girl with an interesting piercing and get a pic of it

    * aquire a pac of condoms

    * go into the ladies loos and buy tampons

    * be photographed with 4 blokes who have bare chests

    * get 6 good luck messages written on you

    * do the splits on the bar

    * consume a drink in 1

    * buy a round of drinks

    * remove a piece of clothing

    * aquire and wear a piece of some1 elses clothing

    have fun!

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