Has any of your hubbies/hubby to be's go a TUNGSTEN wedding ring?

Hi There my h2b has seen a tungsten wedding band that he really likes.

Ive read its supposed to be really hard wearing, and really robust and a really strong metal.

has anyone's hubby h2b got a tungsten wedding ring and it is as durable as it says?


  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259

    Mine doesnt, but he very nearly bought one. The guy in the shop said they are supposed to be virtually indestructible!

    he's actually ended up with a palladium one, which is apparently very similar (a member of the platinum family) but more expensive than tungsten

  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    mine wants one. they are good value for money. he seen one from america with a lifetime warranty and if anything does go wrong they send a replacement. he going for the polished look so it looks like white gold. all for 70 quid

  • My engagment ring is white gold as will my wedding ring.

    But we both like how its almost indestructable and very robust.

    I tried a tungsten it looked great on him x

    but just wondered if others have it too x


  • BrookieBrookie Posts: 163

    I am trying to pursaude mine that he wants tungsten. He is adamant he wants gold. However he can't wear it at work and loses everything! Plus he has such massive hands we've been quoted £600 for a 9ct ring. Mine only comes to £300 foe 18Ct.

  • Wow thats alot Brookie.

    what type of rings you getting?

    Mine is more expensive than h2b x

  • BrookieBrookie Posts: 163

    He is a z plus 1 so we have to pay more as he is off the standard scale and cos of the size of his hands he needs a wide thick band. Hence the ridiculous cost!   

    he didn't want one at first but now has gone full circle. Quite sweet really as he says it is the only time he'll get a fancy ring! 

    i just want a thin plain gold band as my engagement ring is lovely. 

    I do love white gold. Are you getting a plain band or something a bit fancy!

  • BrookieBrookie Posts: 163

    Stupid iPhone. I also love the look of the palladium and tungsten. 

  • Im going for a plain white gold band.

    I'm getting it made for me and h2b is getting it engraved so it will feel a bit more personal image

    My engagment ring is white gold with a row of three diamonds its gorgeous and looks beautiful and really ellegant with my engagament ring, cant wait to wear them together lol. going this weekend to order them xx

  • FutureMrsFordFutureMrsFord Posts: 438

    My h2b was dead set on a titanium ring for q a long time. Titanium is also very strong and robust which was the appeal but it's so hard that it can't be resized and it can't be cut off. Obviously you hope it'll never need to be but h2b changed his mind when he realised that should anything happen to his finger which needs the ring removing it would be his finger that had to be cut not the ring!

    We mentioned this to a jeweller & he said that they had once had a call from the local hospital asking if they could cut off a titanium ring & had had to say no.

    Don't know if titanium is the same but it's worth finding out! Even in a less dramatic situation people's hands usually get bigger as they get older - I'd personally rather be able to have my ring resized than have to buy another one - sentimental value & all that!

  • ah my h2b has wore a ring for 10years and his fingers have never got bigger/smaller. plus his ring is slightly big as he has big knuckles so even if his fingers were to get bigger it should still fit.

    i herd the finger being removed is a myth.


    he does want tungsten so its only fair to get him what he has his heart set on isnt it

  • sebseb Posts: 29

    my hubby to be has one, he knows his metal and reckons no other metal would survive what his hnd go through working off shore in the north sea. good luck 

  • Lucym89Lucym89 Posts: 389

    Yes my h2b has got one he tried on all the rings in the shop and that was the only one that suited him then we looked at the price and it was like £70 bonus!!! 

  • Little-pickleLittle-pickle Posts: 1,136

    My hubby to be has one image it look soo lovely as he has feminine  hands and so white gold looked too girly x

  • Well he got his ring. he got a plain court fit 5mm tungsten band. only cost £32 from a small family run independant jewellers. it was £40 but they offer a 20% discount.

    the same ring was £80 in h samuel.

    Just out of curisoity how much was your hubbies tungsten bands and where did they get them? how have they found them?

    I got a plain 3mm white gold band which was made for me. ive to go into the shop tomorrow to try it on then its ebing engraved x

  • sebseb Posts: 29

    my h2bs ring was from samuels and was £63 if memory serves me right. MIne was quadruple that price, he didn't have to pay for my enagement ring though, as it is one of the last peices of jewellery my late father bought me before he died last year. as the ring only fitted on my ring finger, i never wore so asked h2b if i could use that for my enagement ring.

  • Ah thats sweet seb image

    My wedding ring wasnt too expensive but was £100 more than his,

    but the metal is white gold. its a plain band that was made and engraved for me.

    my engagement ring is white gold too x

  • sebseb Posts: 29

    see, engraving is just so romantic. White gold is a gorgeous metal. I think in most cases the brides ring usually does end up being more expensive though, unless h2b likes bling xx


  • I would have liked h2b ring to be engraved but tungsten cant.

    i like white gold image we were gona get something personal in my ring like small amount of lyrics to our song or a small part of his vows to me xx

  • sebseb Posts: 29

    awwww that is so nice, Makes it that bit extra special too xxx

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