Hen & Stag Doo's...

I think it's completely up to you who you want to invite, I'm Best Woman for my friends wedding, so have to go to that stag do as I'm organising it. xx


  • JobenyJobeny Posts: 66

    I hate woman that are clingy and have to come to everything just so their man doesn't go without them. But then it makes me wonder what makes them be like that. Are they so insecure that they don't think that their partner will maintain faithful? I can understand about you moaning, xx

  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211

    I'm not sure about mums and aunts, I wouldn't want my dad at my hen! But I think in this day and age people often have friends of oposite sex, so why not have your stag/hen with your friends? My (female) friend was friends with both bride and groom who recently wed, but she was friends with the groom first and considered herself his friend first. She was therefore invited to the stag but not the hen, and had a great time. I think its nice image

    I'm not really that close with any blokes except OH so theres noone other than girls I'd invite really. Wouldn't have a problem with girls at OH's stag though

  • My male work friends are coming to my work hen do (much to their delight!) although I am having a proper hen do (with my proper friends) which is strictly ladies only. I do think it's a bit odd having his mum and aunt there (altough female friends is pretty normal these days).

    I agree wth you PinkAfro.. NO WAY would I want my Dad at my hen... although my mum is coming image (God help her...)

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