Getting h2b Kanye West autograph?

Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me. My h2b lives Janye West and I've read a few posts of ladies who have got signed things from their future hubby's favourite celebrity. Would anybody know how to get in touch with Kanye West PR and what I would write to them and if I have to send anything?




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    •loves Kanye West!

  • You could see if his PR company is detailed on his website or inside the album booklet?

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647

    I found an address in New York. I'm hoping that it works!

  • Good luck! xx

  • I tried with Noel Gallagher and got no reply image .gutted as it would have made his day 

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647

    Someone one Facebook group tried noël Gallagher and was successful. I'm doubting I would have got one off Kanye though!

  • I dont suppose you know where they sent the request to? X

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647

    No idea I'm afraid x

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    I'd be careful with sending things as I know a lot of staff/PRs etc sign stuff themselves and pass it off as their stars, especially with a big American one who probably isn't in the UK often.

    I used to be big on the whole celeb meeting thing, and selling signed Xmas cards is something we both got into (it was more about the meeting than the autograph for us, so killed 2 birds with 1 stone and made a bit of extra cash!) but I don't think I've ever met Kanye so can't help there!

    Best off waiting until you know he's here and going along yourself, at least then you'll know he's signed it for sure!

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