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Grooms - Are you being photographed whilst getting ready to say "I do"?


Hi Guys


I hope your well and enjoying the roller coaster of wedding planning!


I am up late tonight editing a styled shoot I did in Hampshire this week and I got thinking…do the dudes want to be snapped while they get ready with their grooms men on the morning of their wedding?


I got married last year August and I must say initially I wasn't keen on the idea but the wife insisted and to be honest I'm glad she did! We now have precious pictures of us both the morning of the start of our married life.  It is brilliant to be able to look back on the pictures and relive the entire day start to finish.


I am a London based photographer and I do find that the grooms aren't so keen initially and think I will leave that to the bride...


What are your thoughts? Would you like to be snapped on the morning of your big day, is this something you have requested of your Photographer? I would be interested to hear your thoughts...




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