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Hi guys,

Still regarding our wedding, my fiance is not keen on stag-do because he doesnt have many friends and wouldnt be bothered really, but i would love him to do something.

We are both Christians and wouldnt naturally subscribe to wild stag-dos as neither of us party or drink. I dont know what ideas are possible to suggest to him so that he can have a great night of fun, excitement and obviously some serious moment with his fellow men.

I have done go-karting with him in the past and we both enjoyed it - he showed his competitive side though he let me cross the finishing line first image So  yeah, i am thinking that would be an easy suggestion to him but other than that i am short of ideas so can someone kindly help? image

Thanks to u lot in advance.. all the best in your wedding plans


Ms#so very#Ready



  • CB09CB09 Posts: 24


    Have you looked at "its a knockout".  Which is basically a great big inflatable adventure course that him and a few friends could go on? I think other groups are booked on at the same time and you all comete againt each other. Looks like really good fun! If you google it, it should come up and there are lots of sites around the country.


    Other ideas could be paintballing, clay pigeon shooting, quad biking.  For the evening, could it involve going for a meal or a show, or maybe even a comedy club. Some of them do good dinner/show deals...

    Hope that helps!


  • MsReadyMsReady Posts: 6

    thanks a lot cb09, will certainly look up these options which you have suggested..they sound lovely to me image

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