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FYEO shoot...

Went for my shoot at For Your Eyes Only in Manchester on Friday and I absolutely loved it! I really recommend them!

I've seen a few people say they feel they are tacky, but hand on heart, I really feel that the images I have had done with FYEO aren't. They are really arty and the whole experience made me feel beautiful and pretty amazing. 

I was made to feel really welcome and relaxed and was guided into all poses so that the angles were as flattering as possible and resulted in me looking about a dress size smaller (also helped along by airbrushing lol) so woohoo for that! image Also, I felt completely at ease with my sister in the room with me and as the images were so well done I felt totally comfortable with showing them to my Mum and my partners Mum etc image all of which think it's a great idea.

Cannot freaking wait to give this pressie to h2b on the morning of the wedding! Would really recommend this experience to anyone! 

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