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Speech toast for a tricky situation

Hey guys,

It's my brother's wedding on Friday (yes, this Friday!) and I'm just making the final touches to my speech, one thing I'm really struggling with is the ending/toast. Basically they've been together for 16 years or so and have two lovely children, however, my future SIL is terminally ill, I won't go into details, however, all the 'typical' toasts along the lines of 'long and happy' future or 'wishing good health' and all that sort of thing are far from appropriate. 

I'm not the sort of guy to finish with something too jokey/tongue in cheek, that's just not me. 

Any suggestions much appreciated, at the moment I'm thinking I somehow need to get in that they've got two brilliant children, but I'm just not sure how to tackle this delicate situation.

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  • Maybe something about knowing they will love and support one another and wishing them love and laughter in the years ahead/ as they continue their journey together/ as they join their lives. It's a lovely message without being insensitive.

    You could say something about their beautiful family & their continued legacy.

    Not really sure what else to suggest. Best of luck, I'm sure it'll be a lovely speech.

  • It depends how soppy you want to be.

    "You have shown us all what love looks likes, through your love for each other and for your  two wonderful children. Lady's and gentleman, please raise your glasses: To love, now and always"

    kind of soppy and I'm clearly not a man so I'm sure you will get something better.

  • NadineRyanNadineRyan Posts: 24

    Just talk about the positive future ahead and how they're good for each other.

    Do it in good humour and it will be a guaranteed success!

  • KatlynKatlyn Posts: 8

    I would also focus on their time together that they have found and support each other

  • NadineRyanNadineRyan Posts: 24
    FutureMrsFord wrote (see)

    You could say something about their beautiful family & their continued legacy.

    I also like this suggestion image

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