Groom Gift Box...

I have decided to give my h2b a gift box as a wedding present, but I am running out of ideas of things to put in it.

I so far will have a boudoir shoot album, novelty socks saying 'so you don't get cold feet', an Edward Monkton book called Love Monkey, a whiskey miniature and my last rolo (an idea already pinched from here lol)

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Also, when has everyone else decided to give their gift? I had intended to leave it for him to open on the morning of the wedding, but my Mum thinks he will be too overwhelmed and also too busy rushing about to enjoy it properly (I think she thinks he'll get far too flustered from the photos haha). So, I am now thinking of leaving a note on his pillow and hiding it in the house so he can have it as a surprise the night before?

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