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wordings for husband 2b's watch? help needed please

Hi girl's iv not posted for a while however I neeeeed help.

I have bought my husband to be a watch for the wedding day and would really  like to put something really nice on the back for him, maybe relating to time? Weve been together 13 years and we have 'from manhatten to forever' on our wedding rings along with the date


Any ideas without being tii cheesy lol xI


  • animaanima Posts: 38

    I don't have an answer but interest t see what responses you get. I have a watch for H2B and we have been together 10 years so similar position. I had things like 'don't be late', 'we've waited long enough', 'time to make an honest man of you' etc but nothing grabbing me...

  • DollyBDollyB Posts: 1,762 New bride

    It's cheesy.....probably too cheesy but "Because I'll always have time for you...!" image Xx

  • Im doing the same for my h2b and I'm using biffy clyro lyrics...."nothing lasts forever,except you and me". Not really time related but I love those lyrics image x

  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    I bought my h2b a tag watch, i was going to get it engraved but when i looked into the warrenty  ect it voids it. So i decided not to get it engraved xx

  • I bought hubby  a watch for our wedding and had the wedding date and the GPS co-ordinates of our venue engraved! He hates sentimental stuff so it was my way of being sentimental withiut it being overly soppy! He absolutely loved it! 

  • PedroPedro Posts: 8

    It is so hard to not sound cheesy, maybe a date that corresponds with something.

    A quote that is relevant, a line from a movie, a song lyric, a line from a poem.

    Our love is timeless, - where's the cheese?

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