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So, I am looking for someone to custom make the suits for The Boy and I's wedding, and was just wondering if anybody had any recommendations? I'm open to buying and having altered, but the price would have to be right... Any help would be great!


  • jojo83jojo83 Posts: 52


    my other half is 6'5 so hiring a suit wasn't an option as wouldn't have fitted well. We are getting a tailored suit from 'a suit that fits' they have branches all over and are very good, you go back for as many fittings as needed until its perfect , my step dad is having one done too so tee got an offer for 2 suits. There's so many options to choose from and was a good experience 

    hope this helps x

  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211

    A suit that fits looks good, we were considering there. We ended up going to outlet (Bicester, but there's places all over the country). Hugo Boss was good but not quite right for him, and we ended up buying from Gieves and Hawkes. They can then tailor from any store, so we had altered in the posh one in Savile Row. 

  • Ah, thanks Ladies! I have looked at A Suit That Fits and got a few samples, though I read a few less-than-complimentary reviews about the end product, so it'll be great to know how yours turn out OnlyJo!We are also considering buying and altering, but its finding the best place to do what we need doing!

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