Lockets for men, or similar ideas

Hi Ladies,

I have seen a few posts on here where the ladies who have sadly lost someone carry a locket with them on the day with a photo in.  I want to do something similar for my h2b as a gift, but think a locket is a bit girly !! 

Any other ideas as to how I can encorporate a photo for him?  It doesn't have to be on show, even if it's in his pocket he will know it is there, but I kind of wanted a special idea.

Thanks ladies xxx


  • Mrs CapeMrs Cape Posts: 133

    How about an engraved pocket watch with a photo tucked inside like a locket only much blokier and a nice keepsake for the day, it makes a lovely photo too having the groom checking his watch at the alter..xx

  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    I love the pocketwatch idea and was thinking of doing something similar for H2b. 

    You can also get photographs printed onto metal dog tags now. I looked at them when H2b went to Afghan last year but they weren't right for him, so got him a bullet with his name on instead. 

    Does it have to be a photograph? How about a hankerchief with her name sewn into it? 

  • Sorry ladies, only just seen these replies, not getting notifications anymore ! :-/ 

    Pocket watch is a good idea and not one I had thought of so thank you image I will google some now!! 

    Engraving the name is a sweet idea but I think I would still like a photo for him.

    Thanks again ladies xx

  • Bex960Bex960 Posts: 113

    What about some cuff links? Think there are quite a few places online where you can get personalised ones with whatever picture you want inside?

  • Really? Ah I didn't realise that! I will have to have a look image thank you image xx

  • Tesco photo print do the cufflinks and I do not think they are too expensive, what a lovely idea!  I dont get notifications anymore too! x

  • Thanks Kimberley! Really helplol ideas I have now. Thank you xxx

  • Helplol?? I meant helpful lol stupid phone ! 

  • Let us know how you get on image x

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