Help....boudoir shoot!

Hi All,

I've booked a boudoir shoot for tomorrow and had planned on wearing my wedding underwear for one shoot and the babydoll thing I was going to wear for bed on the wedding night.

I've just gone to get my stuff ready for the shoot and realised I stupidly stuppidly took my wedding things back to my Mum's last weekend (she lives over 300miles away!!) so that I would not forget them for the wedding!!!  So that leaves me totally stuck about tomorrow!

I've pre-paid for some photos as they were half price in advance so I can't cancel as I'd lose my money! I've been trying on a few bits this morning but nothing feels right/looks good!!  I know I'm stressing but I wondered if any of you could give me some ideas on what I can wear / what you wore for yours that worked well?  I can't afford to buy anything else at this late notice!


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    If you have a veil or hair jewellery, take those. Any silk or chiffon scarves? Can you steal one of h2b shirts? Have you got shoes? When I did mine a couple of years ago, the studio had big lengths of netted tulle which was wrapped across. The FYEO site jabs pictures with this so you can see the effect. The semi sheer appearance actually come across really artsy-sexy if you get what I mean! image have fun tomorrow! 

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    JabsHandbags pictures? Has pictures !!! Silly autocorrect! ive just thought, any bikinis in a light colour? does hubby to be have a fav set of undies he likes you to wear? I borrowed h2bs work beret as a bit of fun, he loved it! 

  • Thanks Debs - ALL my wedding stuff is at my Mums which is really annoying but totally my fault as I didn't want to forget anything for the big day I took it all there last weekend!!  A shirt of his is a good shout and he loves heels on me so will take a few pairs with an underwear set, I know I'm overly panicing but I'm nervous enough as it is without fogetting the stuff I'd planned!!!

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    have a look on the facebook page for 'my boudoir', you'll get a lot of different looks & ideas from there image

  • You could also ask the photographer to focus on any jewelry that's special to you both

  • How did the shoot go? I'm wondering whether to get something like this done myself. 

  • I didn't go in the end - wussed out!!!  Told my partner about it and he was a bit gutted I didn't go as he'd have loved the pics, but it was a deal I bought through a voucher website - so in the end was glad I didn't go.  I've done quite a bit of research since and think I would only go if it was a repeutable company - but they do seem pretty pricey!!  I lost about £100 but feel it was better to lose that money than feel uncomfortable.

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    Hi, snorkelingbride - if you still wanted to do a shoot (and depending on where you are based, I can recommend Ginny Marsh. You can read about by experience here:

    Whilst not cheap by any standards, her prices are comparatively reasonable, and she really is very goodimage

  • Thanks - I've decided to get one done next year as a 1st anniversary gift (paper!) - will be more prepared next time and will deifnitely go for someone who is recommened so will keep that in mind image

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    If anyone wanted any info about a boudoir shoot, I would be happy to share my experience. I had a FYEO photo shoot. Amazing experience image

  • Do tell mrsMGtobe I'm thinking about one of these but not sure where to go. I know my other half would love it and secretly so would I haha 

  • I would be interested too. Any tips suggestions etc

    I have booked my shoot in March but have never done anything like this before nervous anxious and excited all at the same time x

  • Sorry for the delay in responding ladies!

    I won a 'free shoot' where I got one picture for free, but after seeing my photos I ended up spending so much on print and a USB full of digital prints. It is expensive, but I had just had my photos done after lots of health issues, so it was a mega confidence boost.

    As soon as I arrived, I was made to feel at ease. I had full make up done. I felt so comfortable and it was just a great experience I love looking back at my photos. I completely surprised my H2B and he loves the photos. 

    I took lots of different garments and was in the studio for an hour or so but it worked really well. If anyone has any questions about it I might able to answer them! image


  • I swear highly by Nicola Grim-shaw.. you will never get better.. stunning photographs. so classy and elegant and sexy!!

    You will not find better!!

    I had my shoot June 2012.. was brilliant.

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