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My Fiances suit and anxiety


at the moment i have done most of the planning of our wedding i have lists coming out of my ears and we know what we want and we are purchesings things we need and hiding them away so its one less thing to worry about next year, im not a controle freak or a bridezilla and me and my fiance have both had a say in everything...but....knowing my fiance when he and his groomsmen go to get fitted for their suits i know their going to want to get something silly and everytime i think about it my anxiety level rises

sooo what can i do to kinda stear him in the right direction ive tried going to a dress shop and sneekly looking at the suits he looks intreasted in but everytime i go thats nice do you like it, he says dont you trust me......thats not the case ......sooooo brides every where HELPimage




  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    How does he normally dress? Do you like his style? If so - stop worrying!

    This is a day you'll both remember forever, he's highly unlikely to pick something that in the back of his mind he knows is a) gonna be a bit silly/bit of a joke. And b) would upset you! Also I'm sure whoever is guiding them in the decision at the store really wouldn't let them go with something completely outrageous!

    Is your dad going too? He, I'm positive, would not let them get anything stupid, and maybe you could sneakily have a word with him about what you really wouldn't like! 

    Ultimately though unless your going to go with them, you are gonna have to make peace with it, and trust him - he's not gonna make himself look silly as a joke on the biggest day of both your lives! Xx

  • Men only do this sort of thing on Don't Tell The Bride, when they have producers encouraging them to do things that make good TV!

  • I have told the lady at the suit hire shop to only show him three that I have pre approved, I have also shown him the one I want them to get.  Yes I am a control freak.

    TBH he has ok taste and I don't think he'd get anything silly, he is however a typical Yorkshire man and would go for a special offer( no matter what it was) to save a buck or two.

  • I picked my fiances with him - he has pretty rubbish taste in clothes and has no idea of when something looks like it fits properly or not!  The suits were the hardest thing to get tbh!  Can you not go with them?x

  • y5c6y5c6 Posts: 467

    My hubby wouldn't tell me what he was getting, he kept saying "If I'm not allowed to see your dress then you are not allowed to see what I'm wearing..." - this went on for months with the odd hint of "Ooo... I could come dressed up as Conan the Barbarian or Darth Vadar" etc just to wind me up and by God was it working!  He is the sort of person who would love to have turned up in the back of a chariot dressed up as Spartacus or something similar but I had to put my trust in him and you will have to also.

    In the end, he had a beautiful edwardian suit made just for him and he looked amazing!  Looking back, I was so stupid to get so wound up and stressed out about what he might turn up in because, on the day, it really wouldn't have mattered!  He could have stood there in a string vest and his underpants and I would have still married him and loved him the same.

    Don't worry about it, leave him to it and have a bit of faith in him.  I am sure he won't let you down, and lets face it... you're not marrying him for his choice in clothes (or at least I hope not!image ) ... you are marrying him because you want to be with him for the rest of your lives, no matter what he looks like.

  • y5c6 wrote (see)

     "If I'm not allowed to see your dress then you are not allowed to see what I'm wearing..." 

    This sounds so familiar!!!!! In the end my fiance bottled and has shown me his suits as he wanted my opinion!  However, the bit y5c6 has mentioned "He could have stood there in a string vest and his underpants and I would have still married him and loved him the same." would be true of me.  It really doesn't matter too much what we are all wearing or the colour of the napkins etc, just that we are getting to marry the person we loveimage




  • JCL1JCL1 Posts: 129

    It never even crossed my mind that my H2B would choose his own suit! We've been looking together. Is that terrible??

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    We looked through pics on net together but I'm sending him with my dad and best man when he picks it so at least they won't let him go too mad lol

  • I'm with JCL1 on this, crosse thought about letting the mr choose his own suit! I picked ones I liked and he has given his opinion! 

    Lesson learned here - maybe should let him have more choice! 

  • MrsKGMrsKG Posts: 403

    I think you should cut your fiance some slack! Like others have said, he will want to look his best on the day. Also, I don't think you should force him to wear something he won't be comfortable in. I have said to my H2B I'm happy whatever he wears, be it a suit with/without waistcoat, a bow tie, normal tie, cravat or whatever. His outfit is up to him just as mine is up to me. It's the groom's day too and I think they should be the ones to decide their outfits just as the bride is - unless they ask for help of course! image

  • JayJay Posts: 3
    Thanks guys I don't think it's that I don't trust him because i do totally i think its more I know what he is like, and I know what his best man is like.... I'm sitting here talking to him right now and his winding me up talking about rocky horror..,, what r they like lol
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