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Small Groom Gift Ideas

Hi ladies (& gents!).

I've got (what I tihnk) is a nice idea for a gift for my H2B.

I'm buying something that represents our past, present and future.  I know I want the 'present' gift to have somewhere the date adn time we are getting married, since he will get it on the day of the wedding and you can't get much more 'present' that than.  But I'm struggling with exactly what to get.

He's not a jewelery kind of guy so that's out, he already has a pocket watch from his grandffather, there's lots of little mirrors and trinkets that you can get engraved but they're not very manly either really! I'm struggling but don't want to leave the past/present/future idea because I've got the other 2/3 sorted!

Any ideas?

Ideally it woudl be small (I've already got the box ready to make it up to ah amper with other nick nacks, inc fave drink / aftershave) and something to keep forever (ie, not a bar of chocolate with personalised label).

Wedding is November 15 & I'm panicking about getting it sorted in time!


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Cufflinks- you could have the date engraved on one of them and both of your initials on the other?  

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Or, how about a personalised mug that he could use on the morning of the wedding, and afterwards?  Or perhaps a personalised glass or hip flask so he can have a little tipple before the ceremony?

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    I second the glass idea - I had a glass engraved for my husband with our wedding date on and gave it to him on the morning of our wedding with a bottle of rare whiskey. I bought the glass from ebay, the engraving was really good quality and I think it cost about £7 x

  • Vicky CVicky C Posts: 4

    I got engaged in Tunisia and my friend sent me a little wooden heart with the exact map point in where we got engaged on it. It's really sweet. Maybe you could get something similar with the map of where your wedding will be?

  • I bought these cufflinks for my groom, they were in the sale for £9 when I bought them but now they are £5! I'll be giving them to him the night before so he can wear them on the day (hopefully, if he likes them!). They might not be to everyones taste though!


  • HaylesHayles Posts: 13

    You can get a jigsaw made by a company called 'butler and hill' which shows the location of your wedding on a map, i thought that was quite a nice idea for a present.

  • I'm going to buy cufflinks too, I found this website ( where you can have a different map in each link so I'm going to have the map where we met and the map where we got engaged image. Xxx

  • cufflinks are always safe

  • If you're putting his favourite drink in there I think the engraved glass would be a good idea. Something quite formal so it can be displayed at home too maybe?

    Or if you wanted to go a bit more traditional but along the same lines, why not get a tankard? A friend got her hubby a metal one with a personal engraving of the date on it from here.

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    I've got MrJC a silver-plated keyring. It's heart shaped, so not exactly manlyimage - but there are loads of different less girly shapes out there.

    It's the 'something borrowed' element of the four old, new, borrowed and blue gifts that I am giving him - the reason it is heart shaped is that the gift tag attached to it will say that my heart is his to look after, as I know it couldn't possibly be in safer hands. Yup, it's mushyimage

    Anyway, it's engraved with our initials and our wedding date on one side, and some other words on the other.

  • how about personalised cufflinks?

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