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Anyone used 'A suit that fits'?

Any experiences of this company? My fianc?? is planning to see one of their tailors for a made to measure suit. Thanks


  • Are you in Bristol? Or do they have branches everywhere? My fiance is going to get his suit from the one in Bristol but he won't be getting it until next year. It's quite pricey, his suit is costing more than my dress! I am actually sat in my office which is above the Bristol branch at the moment!

  • My husband used them and was very impressed - see my profile pic for his wedding suit. He met with them at one of their local offices to get measured up, then he wanted to go away make all the choices online and then when it was back in, it got delievered to us and he went back to their london offices for a fitting and alterations. Managed it all really quickly considering he left it until the last minute!! Even when he had to go back again 2 weeks before the wedding because he forgot to ask them to take the hems up on his trousers!!

    It is pricey - he paid over £600 but he now has a suit jacket, waistcoat and 2x trousers that fit him perfectly, was handmade and he wears it again for special occasions etc.

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