Grooms cake?

past few weeks iv been thinking about my h2b n wether or not shud do a grooms cake or will it just be a waste of money? he likes wrestling, f1 and football so would be hard to choose the type of cake to have done aswel thought a wrestling one would be good with a quirky topper like him holding me in the air and opther wrestlers lay ont he floor of the ring as if he has defeated them or something lol. or is that corny? i just feel the wedding is all about me as he has basically agreed with any ideas iv brought forward so i want to do something for him. xx


  • It sounds a lovely thoughtful idea. a lady I know who has a cupcake business said she has just done a wedding where she did some cupcakes in the brides favourite flavour and another lot in the grooms. You could do f1 cupcakes that would look so cute if you didn't want to go the whole hog of a cake? 

  • I'm also leaning towards the grooms cake idea. My H2B is also pretty much giving me free reign of the wedding, and he loves cake! I've never been to a wedding with a grooms cake, do they cut that up with the wedding cake for the guests to help themselves, or is it kept seperate for the groom to enjoy? 




  • grooms cake started in america and its a way of bringing in something to give a nod to the groom its usually his favourite flavour and in a decoration that represents him... im having one done but he doesnt know about it and his mum is actually baking it for him and it gets cut up the same time as the traditional wedding cake

  • aw brilliant thankyou MrsLeeJones2b..nice big chocolate cake for the groom it is then haha.

    im not going to tell my h2b either leave it as a nice suprise for him too.x

  • I'm thinking of making a grooms cake for my H2B - didn't know about when it was cut etc so thanks for that!

    Our colour scheme is based on his favourite basketball team so I thought I'd bake a round cake and try and decorate it to look like a basketball image

  • Thats a good idea 2bMrsJS sure he will love that..Whats your colour scheme? mines royal blue ivory and silver xx

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    I think this is a great idea and your wrestler idea is brilliant!

    I would really like to do this for my H2B as a surprise but the trouble is, he really doesn't like cake! He loves cheese though so I was wondering if I could do something with that maybe? I would have to try and get his favourite football team in there somehow too... Any ideas greatly appreciated! 

  • sure if you go to see a cake maker they will help you regards the filling/sponge. looked for a dew ideas for you lol


     football arena? or....


     or this but with his football teams shirt instead of spiderman.




  • nothing on your comment mrsKGtobe lol xx

  • Do it! We had one and it was a cookie monster cake haha - not quite in keeping with our rustic themeimage. MrH loved it but the only problem was that it was too cool to cut so we ended up taking it home and tried to eat it between us. Ooopsimage

  • Its a very good idea.. i like this very much. I used giv my hus cakes.. he likes it very much..

  • haha MrsH2013 thats something the hubby to be would do he loves cake and chocolate very sweet tooth lol

  • Hi there, I brought my Hubby a surprse grooms cake he is into loads of things wrestleing also (we acutally went to NY as part of our honeymoon so we could go to Wrestlemania) lol I'm a good wife


    But yeah so I got him a 4 tier cake, differnet flavours each tier was a retro game, as he's a proper nerdy gamer.


    Went down SOOO well, he loved it.. I also did I little sign next to it, to explain what it was, as I didn't want anything think it was our wedding cake hahaha


    and what was even funnier as a surprise for me.. he had got a cake made to look like our venue with a gingerbread bride and groom, so we acutally ended up with

    - 7 tier white traitonal wedding cake

    - 4 tier Grooms Cake

    - 1 brides cake

    Lots of cake, but there was hardly any left, as guests took loads hime

    Grooms Cake


     Surprise cake from Groom to Me! which was all boxed up and tied with ribbon and little tag saying "never have to much cake" along with the other gifts he got me the morning of the wedding.. so sweet.


     Wedding Cake


     You can NEVER have too much cake in my eyes!!

  • omg how cool is that. and for both of you to suprise each other with cakes is lovely. my OH wouldnt think of doing that lol.xx

  • It was awesome.. and so funny.. cause I got my cake first thing in the morning, he gave it boxed along with all the other wedding presents he got me to the venue, who gave them to me while I was having breakfast with my Mum.. I LOVE cake though.. and on the tag he wrote "you can never have to much cake"

    He loved his cake too.. and all the guests thought it was very him.

  • that is lovely!

  • Deciding on it will surely have the groom cake for my wedding.It would be really fun.

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    How abt getting a cake for both of you? I seen it the other day and loved the idea! Would be perfect for me & the H2B as I love vanilla and he loves chocolate image 

  • ohh i was looking at the same one the other week  image for our wedding cake we have chose a simple white 3 tier with royal blue ribbon around each tier then on the inside it will be blue sponge image looks awesome when cut. simple yet different. going to make the grooms wrestling ring myself had a few go's with cake making and done rather well so with more practice il be able to do it image

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