does any1 have an suprises planned for ther groom?? And care to share?


  • GMH24GMH24 Posts: 227

    I was thinking of buying my h2b a few little presents for him to open the night before/morning of the wedding, but not decided what yet. I have a few ideas in mind just need to make a decision

  • ive seen a book which im going to get and fill in and also going to get him a few presents to open on the morning (or maybe the night before) he might get too emotional if he opens on the morning hehe x

  • I brought him loads of presents to open on the morning of the wedding.


    Then I had arranged a wheat free Groom's Cake for him as a surprise


     And then during the course of our engagement, I got messages from some of his fave bands which I read out to him during the speeches.. including opening a card from on the bands, which stated on the envelope not to open untill wedding day.

    All went down amazingly well, and Hubby loved them all

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