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what to buy the groom as a wedding gift??

My lovely other half and i have been together for 10 years already, and are getting married in Majorca in May image but he is so hard to buy for! i cant think of anything to buy him for a wedding present that is memorable, i dont want to get him cufflinks or something like that as i doubt he would ever wear them, any ideas? xx 


  • Mrs T2BMrs T2B Posts: 129

    I don't know what kind of budget you are looking at but I'm thinking of saving up and getting my H2B an iPad and record a video for him on it and have it delivered on the morning of the wedding to his hotel room. I also might get the iPad engraved. 

    I know he will use it nearly everyday so I thought I'd start saving early as our wedding is in August. The only thing is that it won't last forever but I'd rather he had something useful rather than something that will go in the cupboard and probably get lost.

  • S JJS JJ Posts: 13

    thats such a lovely idea but hes got an i pad unfortunately image definitely along those lines though x 

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    A warhammer, well that's what he asked for and it does fit in with our game of thrones theme.

    The site won't let me post a picture at this moment in time! Might help if I signed in, here is a picture






    I was going get him an engraved tankard, but we were looking at ones for our top table the other day and the one he really likes can't be engraved!

    We have been together a long time so it is hard to get something,

    • he already has a gold St Christopher on a chain I gave him years ago.
    • He has a few watches off me, but he has one his Gran gave him for his 21st , she has since passed away, and that is what he will be wearing on our wedding day. 
    • Cufflinks wouldn't get used very often, he already has 4 pairs.
    • Ipad would be great of he didn't already have a kindle, smartphone and laptop.
    • I would do some boudoir pictures but I wouldn't dare let him have them till after the wedding, on the wedding morning one of his best men will probably grab them, and half my guests will end up seeing them.


    It is difficult when you have been together so long, and the pressure is on cause he has confidently declared he knows what he is getting me!

    My brother did my sister-in-law a lovely photobook with comments about their time together so far, it had most of the female guests welling up! Not sure if you can do the same for a groom, although mine had met a lot of famous people maybe I will put a 'bragging' book together for him!

  • K2bHolK2bHol Posts: 83

    I'm hoping to make up a booklet of as many Dr Who autographs as I can get. He is a major fan and proposed to me on the day of the 50th anniversary (we were there for his 30th). He was so disappointed that he couldn't get any signatures on the day that I thought this would would make a perfect gift.

    Not everyones cup of tea - but thought it would be something personal to him , and symbolic of our engagement etc.

  • I got my boyfriend a really nice Aspinal wallet with his initials embossed for a previous birthday. Probably doesn'tsound very exciting but so hard to buy for men I think and he uses it every day. 


  • im getting mine a samsung galaxy tablet. He will wet himself over it lol. Maybe you could get yours something to do with his favourite hobby or something like that?

  • S JJS JJ Posts: 13

    thank you everyone thats really helpful xx 

  • MrsP2B13MrsP2B13 Posts: 312

    I got my hubby a tag watch And done a bouidor album ! The watch didnt get a second look at haha  image xx

  • My h2b is quite old fashioned so I'm getting him a pocket watch. He might not use it but it's something I'm sure he will love to keep and pass down.
  • I am getting him a watch. He asked for a new one for Christmas but he will have to wait. Before I have got him a st Christopher, engraved tankard (he loves real ales), a bullet with his name on it (he was leaving for Afghanistan and I said if he had the bullet with his name on it then the Taliban wouldn't!) and a mirror cut into the shape of a soldier with his name etched into the glass- he really loves that.

    I love the idea for the autographs I might have to borrow that idea. image

  • I'm going to give him his 'present' and say you have to wait and open it on the day, it's a joke ball and chain..

    followed by his best man then giving him his actual gift of a playstation 4! Along with my letter image


  • my son had my daughter-in law a picture painted of him and her stood in front of their house

    looking at each other. It was really romantic.

  • hautocrafthautocraft Posts: 263 New bride

    A boring idea, but along with the cufflink idea are collar stiffners (can be personalised with a certain amount of characters/date of wedding on each stiffner in a nice font.  One is inserted in each of his collars which he will wear on the day of the wedding and every day to work if he wears a shirt?

  • How about a cool shaving kit... that way our man will look lovely and groomed for the big day and he will have a lovely shaving kit to keep for many years to come 

  • Tyrese wrote (see post):

    In 2018 the best Groom gifts are because beard trend are on its peak and mens love to grow beard now a days :)


  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,441 New bride

    I've gone for cuff links for him to wear on the day.

  • I got him cufflinks with our cat's paw prints on them (getting those was a headache - she's a diva!). He loves her and this way she can be involved in the day.

  • Vicky105Vicky105 Posts: 140 New bride

    I'm making him up a box of little bits and bats i know he will like we have just bought an old VW camper as a joint wedding present to each other!

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