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Men's Suit Hire


After going into Debenhams and finding out it's £100 a suit to hire for the day we are trying to find cheaper routes. We have the Groom, Best Man, 2 Ushers and 2 page boys to hire for and Debenhams charge the same for children's hire so it comes to £500 which seems too much..

If anyone has any recommendations/suggestions please share image

Thanks xx


  • I think thats about right for hire. We are getting ours for around £90 a suit. How about buying them? Matalan do tails and suits for £60. But then you got shirt and tie or cravat and waistcoat etc so it ends up being around the sMe. Unless they would wear it again. 

  • prices for adult are right maybe shop around for childrens suits x

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    We got ours from green woods or 1860 hire online. We got 5 suits inc top hat for £345. The groom went free and there was an extra 30% discount too!

  • We are going for Slaters, they have a package that's £82 including suits, shirts, cravats, shoes, pocket squares, waistcoats. And it's 5 for the price of 4! So that works out really well. It's also ideal for us as the groomsmen are all over the country and can go and get measured in any store and we can pick them up from the store in Newcastle (closest to where we live) and drop them all off at the store in Canterbury (closest to where we are getting married!) so it's ideal!

  • Hey, We used Moss Bros Hire. It cost 480 for Grooms Suit, 3 Ushers and 2 Fathers. This included a full tails suit with shirt and waistcoat.

    We bought the pocket squares and cravats separately because I wanted them to match the bridesmaid dresses.

    I would recommend Moss Bros as if people live in different locations they can be given a code which remembers all the Grooms choices on then they just have to go to their local store and get fitted.

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