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Making a big Entrance

Hi all,


Do you think it's inappropriate to arrive at your venue/church via helicopter?



  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    ive seen a few guys do this when i worked at a wedding venue - yes its cool however the helicopter takes so long to start up then its a short journey, you need a good big area, none of the guests can be nearby and then the groom sitts there for ages till the blades stop so everyone is far away watching the groom sit and wave for 5 minutes before he can get out - its a bit silly to be honest and very expensive for what it is

    if ur OH is a car guy you can rent a supercar for the day or weekend so he could drive himself and best man in a ferrari to venue - and you  get a shot the next day lol it probably works out the same price but im betting alot more enjoyable and a better experience!

  • MartDMartD Posts: 10

    Hello Hydrogirl,

    Thanks for your reply.... though I should point out, as the name suggests, I am the groom image The wedding is taking place at a relatively intimate though prestige venue so taking it at face value, entrance via chopper wouldn't be as OTT as you'd think. I'm also a seasoned chopper passenger and know the owner and pilot of the company I'd use so hanging around for ages for rotor down wouldn't be an issue.

    The original plan was to head up to the venue with my best man in our own cars (we are both car people and have our own 'cool' cars (M5 and RS5)) but after a bit of a late night, drunken brain storm we came up with the idea of arriving by chopper. Mainly because last year we had one of those corporate packages for the F1 and arrived via helicopter there.


    Edit: I'm guessing this site isn't really for new 'grooms' - even the blank avatar is a female and my status is a "new bride" despite selecting male in the profile section...!

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    lol sory i have a friend (female) whos nick name its marty so i never thought! i like that fact there is a new groom on tho! my OH is into weddings but is too busy to go on this forum,

    the venue i worked at (Airth castle) was very prestigous but it just caused problems as the exclusion zone was so big it sort of defeated the point :/ also the groom has to arrive (normally) before all the guests to greet them so it wouldnt be as much of a BIG entrance as you will be earlier than most people. but if its just for the thrill of it and to get a couple of pics then go for it - maybe ask the photographer about this as some of them go the brides to take photos of them getting ready so timing might be a bit tight to make sure they get pics of u in the helicopter?

    im a massive car person myself and wanted an Audi R8 to drive to! but wasnt allowed due to stupid dress image i just loved the idea that i could have it for a few days and not just one hour

    sorry maybe typed up too much! where are you getting married and when?

  • MartDMartD Posts: 10

    Would be a struggle getting in and out of an R8 (even the spider) with a big wedding dress on!

    Getting married a bit further north than you - on Skye actually! and it's next year image


  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    Oh wow i love Skye! are you from/ near the area or are you eloping (having a small wedding)? also is the pilot from the area? just as its a bit windy there!

    lol sorry so many questions! i think at the end of the day (since its not your first time!) if its what your want to do and your other half doesnt have an issue with it (and if its in budget) then go for it! for us it was a case of do we spend lots on something like flowers or spend the money towards flying first class on honeymoon lol

  • MartDMartD Posts: 10

    Nah, I'm in Edinburgh and my best man is down in Lincoln... if you take the cost of fuel in to the equation (bearing in mind the cars) then a chopper is just as 'cheap' really!

    And yeah, the pilot knows the west coast well so there's no issues there. To be honest, I think we'll end up just taking the cars - can have a lot more fun on the drive that way!

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    it is a gorgeous drive to be fair! im quite jealous! you could take the west coast road up so you get all the twists and turns (and get to avoid the evil A9!)

    good luck with what ever you decide in the end!

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    If you can afford it and know all the potential issues why not image

    Transport isn't a factor for us because we are staying at the venue the night before, although if my H2B's best man, who is a car dealer was to bring up a nice set of wheels my H2B can do a 'fake' arrival, drive out the back of the hotel and arrive at the front.

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  • MannyManny Posts: 14

    I guess that's a cool idea. I think it's going to be cooler if you're going to use Chinook and then rappel down the chopper! image LOL

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