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Ties ties and more ties

I have ordered my bridesmaid dresses and have a swatch of the fabric. There are so many tie shops but none have the right purple. Should I keep looking in all the shops or does anyone know a good place to start?


  • I used

    I bought my bridesmaid dresses and had a swatch of fabric from then, contacted Elaine here and sent her my swatch, she then matched it to three different fabrics that were as close as possible to my colour and sent those back to me. I then chose which I wanted and she made them for me! She even made one of them with a larger neck since one of the ushers is rather large and a standard cravat length wouldn't fit him! I'm really pleased with them, they are so lovely!

  • JlochJloch Posts: 2

    I would have to recommend, we used them over the summer of last year.

    They first found the colour matching a swatch we sent them and then had the men measured up and dressed in their fitting rooms. In the end we managed to save quite a bit by buying multiple accessories. 

    I would highly recommend them and they seem really good quality!

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    One other option... I totally agree that if the ties + bridesmaids dresses are very close in colour but not exactly the same it could look a bit odd; however using different tones of the same shade could look really good, especially if you're having lots of purples in your flowers.

    Just in case I'm (probably!) not making sense:


    For example, using the colour chart above you could have Euphoric Lilac and Vigorous Violet (why the random names I don't know!) and they would compliment each other really well x

  • Hi KT3,

    If you want to send me the swatch I can take a look for you - we have quite a few purples but it's really difficult to match colours on a computer screen (see

    Alternatively I can send you some swatches to check for yourself. Drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll do my best to help.

  • KT3KT3 Posts: 3

    Thank you for all your help everyone. By chance, I found some perfect ties in TM Lewin when my fiancé was buying a work suit. 9 ties bought image

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