Stag do at Newmarket races

Hi Everyone

I have been roped into organising my H2B's stag do with his BM, the BM has booked 9 of them tickets to Newmarket races I'm to organise the rest!

I haven't a clue about the area, I'm meant to book them in at a hotel near clubs and what not overnight, I was thinking Cambridge but EVERYWHERE is booked and I haven't a clue where else to look that isn't too far away.. does anyone come from round there or who's H2B had a stag night around there??

Any advice would be helpful please as currently pulling my hair out and this is the last thing I need to be doing with only 3 months to go!

Thank you everyone



  • What date is the stag do?  My sister managers the premier inn in Newmarket so could ask her to check availability and prices for you.

    There are some goods pubs bars and clubs in Newmarket which will save on taxis x

  • Hey both

    ah thank you!! they will be going on Saturday 3 May, a week before the wedding no less! Ok really pleased to hear that there are some good places in Newmarket itself ???? I hate making plans when I know nothing about the area!!

    thanks again image I really really appreciate this!!



  • Oh wow!!!!! Such a small world! Maybe they will bump into each other image xx

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Have you tried the premier inn in Newmarket?  If all hotels in Cambridge are booked you could try Ely, thats not too far either.

  • MannyManny Posts: 14

    Oh! I can't wait to experience this kind of wonderful event image

  • Go to visitcambridge you can search loads of accommodation in the area including bnb's and can book through them too image Xx

  • Stag do at newmarket races is too bored image. Experience some stag in east Europe! For example: Belgrade stag in Serbia, stag in Prague, Bratislava and many more..



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