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Hiring a fancy supercar!

Hi Ladies,

I really want to surprise my future h2b by sending an amazing car for him to drive to the ceremony in. My worries are that he will be 25, and I think a lot of places require 28 minimum. I was thinking of an Audi R8, or an Austin Martin, or just something really cool!! I'm struggling to find places that advise on prices and ages for just one day. Plus not sure if he'd want to drive or would want to be driven! I think he'd be seriously nervous about crashing a car, so perhaps chauffeured would be fine too. We're getting married in Canterbury, Kent so looking for something near there.

Can anyone advise places to go or recommend anyone?


Thanks!! x


  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Do a template email with all your queries and contact all the companies you have found so far. Do it sooner rather than later I am sure a bride on her had problems trying to find anywhere with availability something like a year in advance!

    Get him a chauffeured one with a supercar race track day to be taken at a later date image

    We are lucky one of the best men owns his own car dealership and will bring up the 'best' car he has in stock at the time of our wedding.

  • I'm doing the same for my H2B and will be asking companies for prices including a chauffeur as I know he'll have a couple of drinks to calm his nerves. Just need to send the emails now lol! x

  • MannyManny Posts: 14

    Wow! This really a cool idea. I bet your h2b will be happily surprised!

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