Gifts for the guys

Hi, I am a first time user - prehaps this has come up in chat before?

Just over two weeks till our big day, and everything is falling into place.

Struggling to find gifts for best man and ushers. I am looking for new ideas rather than the norm.

Any ideas???



  • sakuksakuk Posts: 34

    have you thought of getting small mini afterhsave samples such as hugo boss for the men as wedding favours.

    my friend did this and it worked out really cheap. The company offer next day delivery as well.

    the website address is

    Let me know how you get on. Hope that helps
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    do they like football? maybe you could get the best man and ushers tickets to a match or gift vouchers from the football team? provided they're not season ticket holders!
  • I got my best man a genuine share in Northern Rock, it comes framed for him to keep and gives all the benefits like paying dividends and stuff. Do note though that they send out a gift pack really fast but the actual registration takes upto 16 weeks. I registered mine for my best man, but annoyingly he now knows about it because they wrote to him before sending me the share certificate asking for his bank details.

    He has his mortgage with Northern rock if you were wondering about the choice, also there's football clubs, drinks companies, playboy.... etc

    Company I used is

    Good Luck .COM
  • lisa-jtlisa-jt Posts: 399
    Thanks for that tip they have some great things!!!xxx
  • cathjukcathjuk Posts: 4
    Hi, dear all - thanks for your suggestions - its given me great inspiration and got me thinking now!

    Hen night this weekend - so excited!!!

    Cheers, Cath

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