Giving her the perfect day

I want to get everyone involved with my crowdfunding project and get me making you laugh!   Why do I want to do this? Simply put I want to marry the woman of my dreams and weddings are expensive. We could get a ring from a machine for 20p then go down to the registry office and get tramps to throw rice over us as we leave the building, the entire event would take 28 minutes most of which would be us waiting to sign paperwork. The whole lot would cost less than an hour long scuba diving lesson but this woman deserves more. Last year we suddenly won custody of my two little daughters (which is an absolutely amazing thing to have happened) and we rapidly needed to get a house big enough for us, new school supplies and even some more toys to fill said house. This meant that the money we'd saved went onto those things rather than the wedding and we'd do it again in an instant. Through it all my better half has been a rock, unflinchingly stepping up where other people would have had enough, and she deserves one perfect day. Plus can you imagine how much the girls are going to love picking out and wearing bridesmaid's dresses? Come on you know you want to give them that. 


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