Bridesmaid match groomsmen?

Hello! I am looking for some advice for anyone who has had similar worries. My wedding is just after new year so I am thinking a nice gold theme with some deep red thrown in with berries on the flowers and deep red lipstick.

I don't have my bridesmaid dresses yet but i want gold for them. Anyway... The grooms suit is navy (no shirt or tie yet) What im thinking is does the groom have to wear a gold tie? or could he wear a red and white shirt with a deep red tie and have both gold and red on his buttonhole to fit it? Or do I have to add navy into the colour and get navy bridesmaid dresses? 


Thanks for any advice!! 


  • Kath24Kath24 Posts: 54


    that sounds lovely and I think the red will look very rich with the navy suit. If your best man and ushers if you are having them wear gold  tie and waistcoat and your groom wears the red it will be lovely and have the gold and red buttonholes it will all match. 

    If you go on a photographers website and look at photos the groom often wears different to the best man etc.

    best wishes image X

  • Hi don't worry too much about matching all the colours 

    we had navy suits, bridesmaid dresses pink 

    groom had navy suit white waistcoat, white cravat, pink handkerchief 

    best man father of the bride etc 

    navy suit white waist coat, pink cravat pink hankie 

    goodluck with your wedding xx

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    Thanks so much for your responses! We are having one best man and two ushers... This is the suit for groom with waistcoat too which isn't in the pic -

    For the groomsmen I was going to buy them all the same trousers, shirt and tie as groom but have a chunky cable knit navy jumper or cardigan instead of the jacket... its quite a laid back wedding. H2B tried on navy vneck with trousers, shirt and tie today and it looked really smart. Its so nice with the red and white im just worried it will look out of place.. xx

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    I don't think the groom has to wear a gold tie, I think the red will look nice. There's not a need to add navy in, but I think navy would work well in small touches with the red and gold.image xx

  • i think it's personal opinion for my friends wedding where i was bridesmaid our dresses matched the guys cravats and for my wedding the BM's will match the ushers etc my H2B will have a different coloured waistcoat. a friend on FB has just got married and her uys didn't match the BM's so it's completely up to you and how you envisage it all to look on your day

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