8 point non surgical procedure

MEN: Slobby Street Yob – Poncey Hairdresser Kn*b!


Why is it that there seems to be no middle ground (or a huge apparent lack of it) when it comes to being a man in the 21st century – especially here in the North East on England?

Everything and everyone has ‘a label’, we live in the custom built world we have created where you have to fit in ‘a box’ and if you don’t there’s something wrong with you, you don’t fit in, you become that oddity that stands out from the crowd – some may call it ‘individualism’, the majority just find a stereotype to categorise you, either you’re an unwashed street chav (who wears saggy joggy pants half way down your arse – that look like they need a good wash, as it looks like you’ve crapped yourself) or you’re some FEMINISED new age vain hairdresser ‘Geordie Shore’ reject (in search of a vanity mirror and a ridiculous haircut to match). You just can’t be that half decent looking man, that’s trying to look good for their age (with a little help from toiletries and/or other methods like non-surgical procedures) as that would just find a whole new stereotype wouldn’t it?!

For me, I don’t like to stereotype myself, I’m just me, a 43 year old married man, a dad to a wonderful ‘soon to be 13 year old’ (who like most teenagers has helped to add a few grey hairs and wrinkles that I didn’t use to have), someone who has lived a million lives and the signs are now showing all over my face because of it. I’m not scared to want to look good (for my age) and shout out about it!


By the way I’m Ken. I live in Chester le Street, County Durham. My background isn’t just one episode of Jerry Springer, it’s the whole series. I was born in Scotland in the early 70’s, emigrated to live in Australia (when a child) and returned to the UK in the late 1980’s, as I always dreamt of ‘stardom’ and the UK was the place to be – if Kylie and Jason could do it, why not me?. After being discovered by Simon Cowell (when he was setting up a boy band) I was introduced to Sinitta, who I hit it off with and even was one of her dancers on tour around Europe. As Sinitta was ‘Big In Japan’ she encouraged me to go solo – I released 2 albums in Japan and South East Asia under the stage name ‘Blade’, being signed to Polygram Records Japan as the first ever International artist being released in their ‘domestic’ market as a Japanese singer. I had relative successes, even winning the Gold Award for the most played song on radio in 1995 – beating Madonna and Take That! It was a crazy life (for a period of time). What people don’t tell you (I’m sure other stars like 1D will go through similar) all the pop-star parties, travelling, no sleep, FREE alcohol & drugs and feeling like no one can stop you…ALL OF A SUDDEN it all catches up on you! Your career ends, the money dries up, you need to make your own choices instead of being told what to do and worst of all you look like sh*t! The past has taken its toll, it’s a price you pay for later in life.

I don’t consider myself to be overly vain or want to look like some cosmetic surgery freak, all I want to do is look good for my age and not look as tired as I do, this is why I have decided to undergo some non-surgical procedures to ‘freshen me up again’.

Why is it that MEN are scared to look good? I think it’s time for men to shout out with pride and embrace ‘publicly’ that it’s OK to be the best you can – it’s not vain, it’s not being feminine, it’s you who has to look a


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